Teens to grow old in prison for brutal double rape

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SAN DIEGO — Two teenage boys who kidnapped and sexually assaulted two girls in a Rancho Penasquitos park were sentenced Monday to at least  five decades in prison.

Leonel Contreras and William Rodriguez Leonel Contreras, 18, was sentenced to 58-years-to life. His co-defendant William Steven Rodriguez, 17, got a 50-years-to-life sentence. Both were 16 at the time of the Sept. 3, 2011, attack. They were tried as adults and convicted by separate juries last year.

Rodriguez was found guilty of 10 of 21 charges, including forcible oral copulation and forcible sodomy. Contreras was convicted on 21 counts, including conspiracy, rape and kidnapping and the use of a knife.

“All those factors together distinguished this crime from many others,” said Wendy Patrick, Deputy District Attorney.

Patrick told Judge Peter Deddeh that the defendants kidnapped the 15- and 16-year-old victims as they walked along a greenbelt behind a residential neighborhood about 8 p.m.

“These were two young girls that went for a walk in the park and sat down intending to have a conversation,” said Patrick to the judge.

Patrick said the defendants took the girls — who were both virgins — to a secluded area and subjected them to multiple sex acts over 30 to 40 minutes.

“It was a prolonged, brutal sexual assault,” the prosecutor said. “Repeated offenses again and again.  Then they switched victims twice.”

Deddeh said it was “awful and shocking” how long the assault lasted.

“You robbed them (the victims) of their spirit,” the judge told Rodriguez.

Deddeh chastised Contreras — who he called the “shot caller” — as being in denial and not owning up to what he did.

“It was brutal, callous and ruthless,” Deddeh said of the attack. “If I could sentence you to 645 years I would, but the law says I can’t do that.  Since you were a minor you were spared that sentence.”

“Justice was served today,” said Patrick.  “Hopefully this will bring some closure to what has been a very difficult year for both the girls and their families,”

In court, Patrick also read a letter from the family of Jane Doe 2, detailing the victim’s struggles since the attack.

The defendants stole “something they had no right to take,” the parents said in the letter.

Jane Doe 2 had constant nightmares but “has chosen not to live as a victim” and to “work toward healing,” the letter read.

To the mothers of the defendants, the victim’s parents said, “Our hearts break for you.”


  • Jesus

    That’s good. I hope they get raped by the biggest guys every night for the rest of their lives! New law should be, rape someone, they chop it off. :D

  • Bryan

    If the Judge says he would like to give more time but the Law doesn't allow it. Then why can't we get the laws changed? The Judge, I'm sure has the connections to get it started. But I'm sure he'll just say what he said and be done with it.

  • kdL

    @bryan laws should written by the legislators whom we the people vote into office. Laws regarding minor (under aged) criminals were just recently changed by some liberal judges deciding life sentences for minors was unconstitutional. Apparently all minor criminals are "rehabilitatable". I think these two EVIL rapist proves that not all young criminals are able to be rehabilitated. Judges need to stop creating/changing laws and just enforce them. These two punks have a long sentence in front of them (albeit not long enough). Hopefully in the near future an Inmate in the Prison will earn teach them a lesson about Karma . I hope the serve everyday of this sentence and die before they set foot outside a razor wired fence.

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