Teens sentenced for raping girls in park

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contrerasRodriguezSAN DIEGO — Two teenagers who kidnapped and repeatedly raped two girls in a Rancho Penasquitos park were sentenced to decades in prison Thursday.

Leonel Contreras,18,  and William Steven Rodriguez, 17, were convicted last year by separate juries.

Rodriguez was found guilty of 10 of 21 charges, including forcible oral copulation and forcible sodomy, in connection with the Sept. 3, 2011, attack. Contreras,  was convicted on 21 counts, including conspiracy, rape and kidnapping.

Wednesday, Judge Peter Deddeh sentenced Rodriguez to 50 years to life in prison and Contreras to 58 years to life.

The judge said the crime was “brutal, callous and ruthless” and said he would have handed down much harsher sentences if the law had allowed it. He said Contreras called the shots in the assault and he did not believe the teen could be rehabilitated.

“I would have sentenced you to 640 years to life if I could, but since you are a minor, you have been spared,” Deddeh told Contreras. “Because of your attitude and behavior, you deserved that sentence.”

Before sentencing, the prosecutor read a letter to the court from the parents of one of the victims. The parents their daughter’s life was dramatically altered by the assault.

“You have robbed these victims of their spirit,” Deddeh told Rodriquez. “They will have scars that will last forever.”

In her closing argument, Patrick said the defendants had a plan to assault the girls and Contreras told Rodriguez that he had a knife.

But Rodriguez’s attorney, Dana Feuling, said there was no conspiracy between the defendants and that her client acted on “impulse.” She said Rodriguez cooperated after his arrest and admitted what he did.

Contreras’ attorney, Michael Begovich, told the jury that police coerced a false confession from his client and prosecutors lacked evidence tying the defendant to the crime.

Patrick told jurors that the victims, then 15 and 16 years old, were friends who went to a family party in the 12600 block of Spindletop Road.

The prosecutor said Rodriguez and Contreras were out smoking marijuana when they spotted the two girls as they took a nighttime walk along a greenbelt running behind a residential neighborhood.

The boys accosted them, with Contreras holding a knife, and forced them to a more secluded area, using threats to make them stay quiet, she said.

According to the prosecutor, the defendants subjected them to “a brutal 30- to 40-minute series of sexual assaults that included every imaginable kind of rape.”

Patrick said graffiti found in the open space resulted in a tip that led investigators to Rodriguez, who told police what happened. Police then tracked down Contreras.


  • makesnosense

    I'd say justice has been served!! Well done. Still, nothing will ever help those two girls horrific memories from this. Glad those creeps are behind bars, though!

  • Steph

    I'm so happy to see this sentencing. They deserve every minute they get behind bars. The girls will still have their horrible memories but at least these 2 jerks will never bother them again.

  • Jacquie

    I couldn't agree more. FINALLY justice is served. Yes, the memories will haunt those two girls forever, I hope they find a good therapist …

  • Poway

    Hopefully they will get the same treatment as they gave out, for the next fifty years. Kudos to the justice system.

  • Thomas Nguyen

    I'm glad justice has been served. Unfortunately, they cannot be castrated or serve 640 years! To let these 2 animals live and waste taxpayer money really is upsetting but it is what it is. If it was my own daughter, I probably would have taken justice into my own hands if I had the opportunity but maybe it's just an emotional expression on my part.

  • Michael

    Thank the courts for serving justice. I'll go on a limb and say I hope someone serves them and robs them of their dignity in the big house. Sick individuals.

  • steve

    I wish we could just shoot those 2 in the head and be done with it, instead of spending thousands of my tax dollars to keep them alive behind bars for 50 years.

    • T

      You’re ignorant to make a racist comment. Every race has brutal rapists! I’m glad these two will be where they belong….a long life of misery. Hope the girls stay strong and live their life to the fullest!!

    • Julie

      yeah, and white people don't keep their own daughters in a basement bearing their own grandchildren. OKKKKK, haven't you heard of all those creepos? DAMN!

  • Byron

    I'm probably going to be crucified for saying this, but if society is unwilling to embrace the concept of "judicial murder" for individuals such as these, then how about forced labor camps? Force them to contribute something useful to society in order to justify their existence since they obviously wouldn't opt to contribute on their own

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