14 Midway Museum employees accused of theft

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SAN DIEGO – Fourteen employees from the USS Midway Museum have been fired and accused of stealing money from the nonprofit organization, Midway officials said Thursday.

The 13 employees and their supervisor were in charge of gathering scrap metal from inside the Midway, an area under restoration.  They’re accused of recycling the scrap metal for money meant to go to the museum’s operating funds.

A 2-month internal investigation by Midway officials found the employees were keeping the money for themselves. Midway spokesman Scott McGaugh said they aren’t sure just how much money may have been stolen.

Sources told Fox 5 the alleged crooks had been slowly pocketing the scrap metal money for months, maybe even years.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 6.51.02 PMMcGaugh said operations at the USS Midway are running smoothly and that supervising protocols are being improved.

“We are all heartbroken with what happened,” said McGaugh.

None of the accused have been charged.

The results of the internal investigation have been forwarded to San Diego Police Department.


  • jlee

    The Department of Justice has a problem with employee that steal.

    FBI and DEA steal from their suspects.

    Stealing from suspects by Department of Justice employees is so widespread that no one will do anything about it. Too many benefit from the stealing.

    In their careers, middle and upper management have probably taken a watch here or there, returned to steal tools out of a suspect's garage, stolen clothes, stolen money from a checking/savings account, stolen a family dog out of the back yard or taken wear item parts (break pads, rotors, shocks, tires, etc..) off of a car.

    Could be that Louis Freeh and now Robert Mueller and Asa Hutchinson had in their past stolen from suspects.

    Holder must be aware of the problems with agents that steal from suspects.

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