One Paseo development sparks controversy in Carmel Valley

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SAN DIEGO – A proposed neighborhood village in Carmel Valley is creating controversy.

Thursday night large crowds showed up at the Carmel Valley Planning Board meeting to voice their opinions about One Paseo, the $650 million  development proposed for the corner of Del Mar Heights and El Camino Real  in Carmel Valley.

x“My concern is the traffic and the amount of people who will be brought into the neighborhood,” said Chris Keller, a 20-year resident of Carmel Valley.

Carol Klein, another long time resident of the area says she is all for the proposed 24 acre project.  It would include retail, residential, office and open space all centered around a Main Street.

“I think it’s going to improve our lifestyle,” said Klein.  “I’ll be able to walk to One Paseo and enjoy the entertainment that is there, and the retail.”

As a result of feedback from the community, the developers, Kilroy Realty Corporation presented revised plans to the Carmel Valley Planning Board.   The new plans reduce the size of the project by about 30 percent,  it changes a ten story building to six stories, and increases the amount of open space by about ten percent.

Robert Little, the Vice President of Development for Kilroy Realty Corporation says the project would boost the local economy.

“It will create about 1,500 permanent jobs and over 3,000 temporary jobs in the corm of construction,” said Little.

But San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and County Supervisor Dave Roberts who represents district three, both opposed the project saying it’s still much larger than what the community had originally agreed to.

“Shoe horning a project that is three times the zoning will not work for this site,” said Roberts.

The project has been in the works for about five years.

Based on tonight’s presentation of the revised plans, the Planning Board will make recommendations to the Planning Commission as to whether or not it should allow the area to be rezoned in order to move forward in the development process.


  • AKM

    Your report was far superior to 10News. Thank you!

    Many of us — including those, like myself, who live within walking distance of this proposed project — very much want One Paseo to be a cornerstone in our community.

    We want shopping, dining and entertainment options that currently do not exist in Carmel Valley. This is a high-quality proposal that will be a valuable amenity.

    Again, thanks for your balanced reportage.

    • Socalstoker

      As someone who will be profoundly affected by the significantly increased traffic it will bring, and who doesn't live within walking distance, I very much want to see it scaled back. You can still get what you want without creating gridlock in what is already a very congested area. I'd like a Trader Joe's too, just not at the cost of permanent congestion. (If I wanted to live in UTC or Hillcrest, I would.)

      Most of us who oppose One Paseo aren't averse to developing the site. We're opposed to the scale of what Kilroy, which bought the property at the peak of the market, is trying to cram in there in order to maximize its profit.. This area simply doesn't have the infrastructure to support something of this mammoth size, and it will affect people far beyond Carmel Valley, which has barely been addressed. As currently conceived, it belongs out along the 56, where sufficient roads can be built to feed it. Something smaller would be more appropriate for this site.

  • neighbor

    The meeting looked like DAVID vs GOLIATH: The realtors were dressed in suits with printed badges and cardboard fans to hold supporting the project. They arrived an hour early, gave interviews and handed out cookies. I spoke with some of them , they DID NOT live in the neighbor hood. I over head a tall Kilroy suit say "I hope we win this battle". The residents against this project outnumbered supporters 4-1, their cheers were thunderous when elected officials questioned the developers. The oninions of us who live here, know the streets and traffic shoudl be paramount! This morning the traffic coming west, on Del Mar Height Rd onto the 5 freeway, was backed up east as far as I could see. What happens when a giant center i added? Our roads cannot handle any additional trffic.

  • CVresident

    Kilroy is trying to turn Carmel Valley into UTC or another strip mall wasteland. The residents of Carmel Valley do NOT want this disgusting project. I am sick of Kilroy paying people to show up at these meetings and act like they are Carmel Valley residents. You can always tell they're paid by their mindless comments – "I want a trader joe's!", "it will add a sense of community!", etc.

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