New Year… New Steps

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I’m getting a real glimpse these days into what it’s like to be a mother of a teenager.  My son is 12 and pushing ever closer to “teendom” and ever farther from me and his Dad.  It’s that natural independent streak that is inevitable for them, and dreaded by us.  And today was a milestone.

After the dismissal bell, he walked from school to a local pizza place with a couple of buddies all on his own.  Mom didn’t drive them there, another parent was waiting there for them… they were flying solo. You could hear the excitement in my son’s voice when he asked permission over the phone if he could go.  And you could see the deep satisfaction on his face when he told me it was cool  to be “ just with friends” when he got home.   The corners of his mouth turning due north I tell you, ever so slightly.

I too could share the inner elation, recalling my own solo flights to Baskin Robbins for malts after school with my friends.  I felt like pretty big stuff back then and I know he was pretty impressed with himself as well today.  Who says boys don’t ever feel bloated?

Each and every corner we turn during these “Wonder Years”, there are these little joyous moment that are so incredibly sweet.  And then there are those more frequent times, when YOU  “wonder” if you’re going to survive the teenage years.  It’s like watching a huge wave build while you’re wading thigh deep in the ocean thinking you can catch it no problem, only to realize it’s much bigger than you thought and you’re about to get crushed.

That’s how I feel looking down the road at all the things we’re going to face with a teenager.  Social media issues, girls, drugs, school,  college applications… if I keep going I might move out first.  It’s daunting to say the least.  That’s why the precious little strides like today are so important to take notice of and I for one, will never forget it.

From my phony “brave face” to his apparent pride…One small step for a tween, one giant step for Momkind.


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