Man arrested after violent attack on cop

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SAN DIEGO — It took several people, including a civilian bystander, to subdue a violent man who tried to break into a convenience store and then attacked a police officer early Monday, authorities said.

Man Arrested after Attack on CopThe incident happened at a 7-Eleven store at Florida Street and El Cajon Boulevard at about 3 a.m. A man began behaving erratically and harassing customers in the store, the clerk told FOX5 News. The clerk maneuvered the troublemaker out of the store, called 911 and then held the front doors shut as the man tried to force his way back inside.

When a patrol car arrived minutes later, the officer got out, and as he approached the store, ┬áthe man turned and attacked him, the clerk said. As the two were struggling , a 7-Eleven customer came to the officer’s aid.

The officer was able to shoot the attacker with his stun gun and gave him several jolts of electricity, but the man continued to fight. Meanwhile, the clerk called 911 again to report the fight and more patrol units were dispatched to the store. The additional officers managed to subdue the man, but he continued to struggle so violently that they had to restrain his hands and legs.

The man was taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital under guard.

The officer was not badly injured.


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