Tierrasanta standoff ends when suspect shoots self

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sdpd-patchSAN DIEGO — A 47-year-old domestic violence suspect shot himself in an apparent suicide attempt during a brief standoff at his home in Tierrasanta early Monday but he was expected to survive, police said.

Officers went to the 10700 block of Esmeraldas Drive just after 12:30 a.m. to investigate a report of fighting between a husband and wife, according to San Diego police Sgt. David Jennings.

Once there, officers heard a single gunshot and then saw the 47-year-old suspect exit the rear of his home with an assault-style rifle, the sergeant said in a statement.

The man allegedly refused repeated orders from officers to drop his weapon.

“Officers showed superior restraint as the suspect refused to comply,” Jennings said. “Eventually the suspect turned the weapon upon himself and fired in an attempt to kill himself.”

The man suffered trauma to his head and face but no life-threatening injuries, he said.

Following the gunfire, officers entered the man’s home and found his 50- year-old wife “bruised, battered” and exhibiting signs of having been choked, Jennings said, noting she also was expected to survive.

Paramedics took both husband and wife to local trauma centers. Once released, the man is expected to face “a plethora of charges,” Jennings said, adding that several guns were found in the home.

The man’s name was not immediately released.


  • Assault-Style

    "An assault-style rifle"…lmfao!!! Hey FOX5 Web Staff, define an "assault-style rifle." Are those the ones that use "assault-style" clips? Assault-style….hahahahahaha, so stupid…lol.

    • Jack

      Obviously you do not know that "Assault-Style Rifle" is a rifle that had the look of an assault rifle. Its a VERY common term used now. This is due to the fact that many people are confusing these guns with "Assault Rifles" when they are not, so they are calling them as "ASSAULT-STYLE"… DUH!! Due to the fact that they may or may not be an assault rifle but still have the look of one. Fox 5 used the word correctly… Due some research before you start calling people stupid…

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