Lily pond repairs continue months after water fight

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Damaged lily pond in Balboa Park

Damaged lily pond in Balboa Park

SAN DIEGO – More repairs to the lily pond at Balboa Park began Monday, five months after it was heavily damaged when hundreds of people turned out for a late-night water fight prom

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According to City Council President Todd Gloria, the 97-year-old lily pond has been drained, its planter boxes are being rebuilt and work crews are conducting more cleaning. At least seven of 26 of the submerged planter boxes needed to be fixed or replaced.

Fish that inhabit the pond have been removed, and will be returned when the work is finished. The work is taking place now because the lilies are dormant.

Late-night water fight at Lily Pond in Balboa Park (YouTube)

Late-night water fight at Lily Pond in Balboa Park (YouTube)

Hundreds of people gathered late on a Saturday night last August to take part in the raucous event at the rectangular reflecting pool, which was constructed for the 1915-17 Panama-California Exposition. Police said the crowd tore up foliage and broke some plumbing equipment, causing flooding problems and around $19,000 damage.

A similar but non-destructive event took place in the park the previous summer.

The nonprofit Friends of Balboa Park has already funded temporary repairs to plumbing and replaced plants around the perimeter of the pool.


  • Meena

    I also know about this Lily pond in Balboa Park. Those really demanded a repair, and from here i.e. from your article, i got tonnes of infos.
    Thanks a lot.
    Great work done.
    Keep doing similar works.

  • John C

    I wish people would take a little more personal responsibility for these types of events. I visited Balboa park several years ago and it is one of the nicest parks of its kind in the country. Come on people use some common sense!

  • William

    A personal responsibility is really necessary for this.
    Though Some people are taking the initiative, but there is still a huge mass who isn't taing.. And that is a problem.
    hence articles like that of yours, must be posted, which will definately encourage people..
    And thats what is necessary at this stage.
    Good Work

  • Kozi

    We must be happy that finally the repair work continued.. Though it is done after a long long time.. But, finally it is done, and we must be grateful for that..
    And as many others also said over here in the commenting area, that personally responsibility is something to be taken seriously..
    But what I want to say is that what could be done, with this personal responsibility.. May be you could bring a change in your household, but when it will be in your community, nothing could be done… just Nothing..

  • Mou

    I agree to the fact that finally after a huge lots of delay the repair work finally started, but let me clarify something and that is there are so much of projects that is to be attended everyday, its not that they have only one project to work on. Hence, they must not be blamed all time. You guys are blaming because the work wasn't started but none of you are appreciating them, for starting the work. This isn't good.

  • Naian

    I aprreciate the onprofit Friends of Balboa Park for funding the temporary repairs.
    And at the same time, I feel that those hundreds of people who gathered on Saturday night to take part in the aucous event at the rectangular reflecting pool, which was constructed for the 1915-17 Panama-California Exposition, on seeing the repairs works done, will atleast feel sorry for what they have done.
    Those peoples must be punished.

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