Del Mar residents protest gun show

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SAN DIEGO – Some Del Mar residents want to put a stop to the annual gun show at the fairgrounds in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

gunshowAfter learning of the shooting massacre, former kindergarten teacher and Del Mar resident Rosanne Holliday posted a sign in her front yard asking people to write the Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors to stop the gun show.

“I would like not to see other children killed and other people killed in these mass shootings,” said Holliday. “The hardship that the parents will face is going to last forever. They will never get over it.”

Other Del Mar residents joined Holliday in creating a petition and plan on presenting it to the 22nd District Agricultural Association at their monthly meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s about taking a position and saying that we don’t think this should be done on public land,” Holliday said.

The Crossroad of the West Gun Show holds five shows a year and has been coming in Del Mar for 20 years. It generates about $300,000 annually for the county.

Del Mar Fairgrounds spokeswoman Linda Zweig said they are sensitive to the issue, but gun shows are legal in California.  California has some of the toughest gun sales laws in the country and the gun show at Del Mar is attended by every department of law enforcement in the county.

“The truth of the matter is that we are a public venue. No one can come in here, buy a gun and walk out. There are very strict rules and regulations,” Zweig said.

“You’ll never ever be able to legislate evil people,” said American Shooting Center owner Mark Halcon. “They’re going to do it no matter what.”

According to Halcon, buying a gun at a show is not different than buying at store. The 10-day waiting period and background check is the same.

“[The gun] has to be registered. You have to wait the 10 days and pick it up at different store,” he said.

Still Rosanne Holliday said it’s better to do something than nothing, even if it only makes statement.

“I just figure if it’s one gun that doesn’t get in the hands of people that shouldn’t have it, its worth my little sign out in front of my house,” she said.


  • Michael

    Just when I thought people couldn't get any stupider this happens. Protesters at a gun show in CALIFORNIA? We already have strict gun laws, what the hell is wrong with people? Oh wait…its because criminals follow all laws that we should make gun laws tougher. That will teach them! That logic is astounding. Because people die in ANOTHER state with less stricter gun laws lets protest in a state with more stricter gun laws to make them even worse. When will California sink into the sea? We need a major disaster to weed out the stupid people.

  • Randy Koder

    I am one of the Vendors at the Crossroads of the West Guns show held at Del Mar Fairgrounds and I can assure everyone that the rules are strictly enforced. I believe we should applause Mrs Holliday She is excersizing her Right to free speech. This is why we have the constituion even though I dont agree with Mrs Holliday I will respect and protect her constitutional rights to say it. May we never forget that it is because of the second ammendment that we can gaurantee all of the 27 ammendments to the Constituion of this Great Nation. Semper Fidelis

  • Matt

    hmm…what if her little sign prevents one woman from legally getting a gun that could have prevented or stopped her from getting raped?

  • Machinegun Alibi

    I sleep very very well with my Mossberg 500 under the bed, my .40 Cal SIGPRO in the drawer of my nightstand, and a lil somethin beyond that if necessary. I have neighbor friendly ammo in all of them, and would gladly come to their defense should the need arise. How about you? Getting as good of sleep as I am?

    • Leave No Man Behind

      My family and I sleep fine…. we are all confident and qualified….. Aluminum 33 in "arm powered air cooled attitude adjuster" next to the door, 590 under the bed, 226 in a safe on the shelf and whatever else we may need where we need it to be. Most of my neighbors are prior service and have about the same concerns and solutions.
      "God Bless America and the Bill of Rights".

      • Machinegun Alibi

        It's interesting that you mentioned confidence. In fact confidence is a major factor in successfully navigating any emergency situation. I also appreciate the fact that you mentioned the locking of weapons. While I am home, and only when I am home, there is at least one great equalizer unlocked and easily accessible to a conscientious ADULT. This includes while my wife and I are sleeping-she also has access to separate arms herself. While we are not home all of my firearms are secured either by lock or safe. A Los Angeles Police Department friend of mine convinced me that the advantage of having a firearm loaded and unlocked while one is at their most vulnerable is advantageous to one's survival. That being said, one in the pipe is inadvisable more often than not. I choose to echo your "God Bless America and the Bill of Rights". I will add that "Society is safer when criminals do not know who has a gun."

        • Mike

          I'm glad you don't live here too. If someone is breaking into my house in the middle of the night, I would much rather have my .45 in my hand than just a phone. Police aren't here to prevent crime, they are here to investigate crime and then to call someone to clean up the mess. The time it takes police to respond to a call if you aren't prepared to defend yourself can cost you your life.

      • Steve Hamilton

        2013 is going to be the year of the loss of Americans to own weapons of mass destruction, which is consistent with the intent of the drafters and ratifyers of the Second Amendment. First we will see 49 more states follow New York's lead, and ban any and all assault type weapons. Second, several more rabid gun ownership advocates will follow the disastrous path of Alex Whatshisface on the CNN Piers Morgan show and will foment rebellion, and either end up in jail for committing sedition and/or treason, or dead, killed by members of the US military forces who are sworn to protect America from enemies both within and without.

  • Beran Young

    Maybe we should stop the used car tent sale on public property also because people are killed in those things everyday and sometimes intentionally.

  • Graham

    You live in a sad sad society, when all you can think about is defending yourself from your fellow citizens. Take a good hard look at yourselves. Perhaps it's time for a change.

    • SoCal Pastafarian

      You my friend live in a fantasy land if you think that evil does not exist in this world. Isn't it better to be prepared to defend yourself, family and neighbors than to blindly go on thinking that there are no bad guys?


    Just think for a second, how many innocent childrens lives would have been saved if there were stricter gun laws. The bill of rights is a little out dated for our world now. There have been 32 school gun incidents since Columbine. Current gun control laws are not working and something has to be changed.

    • PedleyDan`

      Every one of those incidents was caused by some one under the influence of psychiatric drug side-effects. The problem is with the psychiatric drugging. It causes otherwise decent people to become violent.

    • Kaoticman

      Just think for a second, how many rapes, assaults, thefts and murders would have been prevented if it were easier for a law abiding citizen to arm themselves? After all, a low estimate of defensive gun uses (by the National Crime Victimization Survey) puts the number at 108,000 a year as of 1993, and a high estimate (by Dr. Gary Kleck in 1993) comes in at a whopping 2.5 million per year. Even the Department of Justice comes up with a figure of 1.5 million a year as of 1994. That's a lot of people keeping themselves safe with firearms, many times the number of people tragically murdered in all of the school gun incidents since (and before) Columbine.

    • elcid7236

      That is the problem with the world…everything is out dated! WRONG. If the world went back to what made the US a great country, we would not have to be debating this. It does not matter how strict you make the gun laws, the "bad guys" will find a way to kill alot of people. Look at the sarin episode in Japan. This guy let a deadly gas loose in the subway and it had the neffect he was going for. Alot of people dead and mass panic. The .45 cal Thompson sub-machine gun was banned from public use, but that did not stop the likes of Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde.

    • Guest

      So mo' betta gun control laws is called for? Newsflash, the people involved in these shootings were NOT law-abiding. Oh, and Good Ole' Violent Mexico also has strict gun control laws as well. Chicago and WDC have the strongest gun control laws in the US. And guess what? Believe it or not, those darned criminals are ignoring the law(s). But your concern is getting the guns out of the hands of good, lawful, American citizens. What kind of agenda is that? C.I.D.

  • Michael

    You just said current strict gun laws aren’t working and to make them stricter. I don’t know about you but if something doesn’t work do you keep using it? Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation and they still have many problems. I wish people would think about the issues before just talking. You are asking people to think and not doing enough of that yourself.

  • Graham

    Thank you Bewildered and GUNCONTROL. I hope you are US citizens who represent some of the educated and intelligent minority among you, who are not yet brain washed by the elementary school level interpretations of your constitution by the NRA, who clearly have your best interests at heart (not).

    PedleyDan – I agree that mental health and the associated drugs used to treat disorders only recently invented are clearly a problem around the world. May I suggest that you don't give these people easy access to assault weapons, or in fact any firearm?

    Kaoticman – if you think escalation and arming the citizenry is the way of the future, please find yourself another Utopia.

    Don't you get it? Escalation and proliferation of firearms is not the answer. It is the symptom of a sick society that doesn't believe in itself anymore. You feel this paranoid desire to defend yourself not only from your neighbour, but also from your tyrannical government. Waco should have taught you that when your tyrannical government wants its way, its going to get it and your puny assault weapons are not going to help.

    I used to have respect for the US and what it stood for, but now I can only see a country that has lost its way, its culture, its beliefs and its morals. The US and its paranoid gun mad citizenry scare me more than Osama bin Laden ever has.

  • Security Ninja

    Car shows will be next. Cars kill with irresponsible people controlling them.
    Gun shows will be next. Guns kill with irresponsible people controlling them.
    Boat shows will be next. Boats kill with irresponsible people controlling them.
    Air shows will be next. Planes kill with irresponsible people controlling them.


    As a proud American who loves this country, there is a more insidious threat than however someone perceives the "gun problem" This was touched by several individuals in the thread, but the real problem here is having an uncontrolled media who is free to push a progressive liberal agenda. Sandy Hook was a horrible tragedy, but the media coverage of it was absolutely disgusting. For over a week, all we saw on any New England news station, and most national news programs, was 24/7 coverage of this event. When reporters in the field weren't sticking microphones in the faces of 5-year-olds, liberal "experts" were in the studio bandying about statistics about gun-related deaths and gun crimes. There was nothing resembling balanced reporting. It was all about pushing an agenda, and getting massive viewership to woo sponsors.

    It has been said that the Second Amendment was written for a different time. I would posit that the same is true for the First Amendment. The founding fathers could have never foreseen profit motivated 24/7 news channels, Twitter, blogs, etc. If we are going to scrutinize the Constitution and Bill of Rights, let's do it across the board. A newspaper in New York published the names of gun owners! Law-abiding citizens are being treated like sex offenders. This is not the country I grew up in.

    America is headed down a slippery slope. Politicians need to take the best interest of the PEOPLE into consideration. I have read the contents of the proposed assault weapons ban, and the only things it will accomplish is to prevent law-abiling citizens from legally obtaining guns that "look" dangerous, and potentially turn millions of people into criminals based on ownership of private property. And, given the economic times we live in, the bill adds insult to injury by levying a $200 per gun tax on people that currently own any of the banned rifles.

    It is easy to get caught up in the emotional aspects of this debate. I hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail before legislation is enacted based on fear and political agendas

  • J-Noz

    In the month of December, the US experienced 2 eerily similar shootings with vastly different outcomes. Both the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut and the Clackamas mall shooting in Oregon were perpetrated by young male individuals with stolen rifles. Each shooter chose a vulnerable location with multiple targets. However, in Oregon only 2 were killed and 1 injured before the shooter took his own life. The difference? An armed citizen with a CCW permit by the name of Nick Meli. While the loss of 2 innocent lives and 1 injury in Oregon is truly tragic, it is undeniable that the actions of Mr. Meli saved countless lives.

  • Guest

    Ironically, guns and the 2nd Amendment pretty much insure that every American, has a "Right to Protest".
    Maybe, if the Anti-Constitution/Anti-Gun crowed are so afraid they can go live in someplace like Communist China or somewhere where individual freedoms are prohibited? Start protesting the criminal gangs and go after the "illegal" firearms first, then maybe we can talk rationally. C.I.D.

  • SST

    When all you can do is scream, "THINK OF THE CHILDREN" you're pretty worthless. Emotional people make emotional laws, and those laws are just feel-good crap. Remember when they made a law turning a school into a "gun free zone"? Look how well that worked out. For all you reactionary/emotional retards out there, go protest criminal gangs and illegal firearms. Do something worthwhile for the first time in your life.

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