How to make New Year’s resolutions successful

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SAN DIEGO — Stay fit, choose to eat healthier foods and save money are a few common resolutions for the new year, but how do you stay on track and make it a successful resolution?

Licensed psychologist Dr. Robert A. Simon recommends a few steps that will help someone stick to a New Year’s resolution.

First, keep it simple:

“Be extremely realistic, break your goals into small chunks, so that you have pieces of success along the way,” said Simon.

ExerciseInstead of making your goal to lose 50 pounds, perhaps your first goal can be to lose the first 5 pounds, he said.

For those finding it difficult to find something to work on, experts suggest you look to others.

“One of the things that successful people will tell you – they have in their lives is a component of giving, of helping and it’s through that type of activity that people find a great deal of self-worth, in turn gives the ability to focus on complex change within themselves,” said Simon.

Kari Samuels is a self-proclaimed “Happiness and Life Coach” in San Diego.  She recommends making a list of things you’ve already done, it can help you set better goals.

“If you praise yourself for what you’ve done, instead of what you haven’t done, you increase positive reinforcement,” said Samuels.

Experts also believe a New Year’s resolution shouldn’t be something to stress about.

“We start thinking if we get something or when we get somewhere, we’ll be happy,” said Samuels. “You have to be happy where you are right now and you do that by making note of the good things around you.”

“If it’s a change you think you should do or somebody else thinks you should make, chances you won’t succeed and why should you do that anyway,” said Simon.


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