City Council Pres. Gloria talks 2013 priorities, challenges

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SAN DIEGO – Looking back at 2012, San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria said city leaders should be most proud of balancing the budget.

“To have gone through the last decade,” said Gloria. “Where we were the city that was once known as ‘Enron by the sea’ to one now that is looked to for reform efforts when it comes to pensions, retiree healthcare and other issues that has been a long journey.”

Moving forward Gloria said residents have a lot to look forward to in 2013.gloria pic

The city will be opening its first one-stop homeless service center, which will provide a facility for those in need 365-days a year. The new Central Library is scheduled to open this summer and construction will begin on a permanent fire station in Mission Valley.

“We have never had a permanent fire station in Mission Valley,” said Gloria. “That will get authorized this year and construction will begin in 2013, complete sometime probably in 2015.”

The city will also replace the computer aided response system.

“For the person who calls 9-1-1 right now we’re working off about a 30-year-old computer system. Getting this new system in place will reduce response times and keep our citizens better protected,” he said.

City leaders are also facing some challenges. Gloria said a worst case budget scenario could involve a deficit of $40 million.

“That is really being driven by the broader worldwide economy and it’s slowly recovering from the recession,” said Gloria. “The ending of redevelopment, which is taking money away from city and giving it to the state of California. The voter approved proposition B transfers our pension system into our 401k system, which has about a $27 million hit right off the top.”

Whatever the deficit ends up being, Gloria said the council priority will be balancing it while making sure services are last to be cut.

Gloria said infrastructure is another top priority with the city facing an estimated $900 million in project backlog.


  • steven greenwald

    todd gloria with all due respect our economy is at a total standstill and with the military sequestering another 30,000 jobs in the county will be lais off.. an 8% unemployment and another 5 % underemployment is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.. PUBLIC SECURITY with tunnels into our city make fo a national security risk of biological weapons being introduced .. 10 pounds of anthrax would result in 300,000 deaths in 1 hour!! stop the war on drugs and legalize marijuana ,, stop funding the cartels.. a clean needle program to stop the transmission of hepatitis c and hiv by heroin abuse.. decrease the cost of energy in the county by buying SDGE from sempra.. zero waste and curbside mulch recycling.. tax incentives for water and energy conservation industries,, double the # of ships being built for the navy in our shipyards…expand aggressively the tourists numbers by the san diego convention and tourist corp from western canada and the entire poacific rim ,, a unique SAN DIEGO PASSPORT .. a mass transit line around THE CITY BASED ON ELECTRIC POWER.. 10,000 new led lights ,, 10,000 tress and quadruple the size of urban gardens!! we need badly designated bike routes ,, too many bikers are being killed on our streets!! no cars in balboa park ,,leave the iconic cabrillo bridge alone.. no white elephant parking structure ,we need a skateboard park instead for your constituents in the inner city..we have to ask QUALCOMM TO ivest in a 1 billion dollar manufacturing plant in our city and not TAIWAN..we need togethjer with the SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT and the COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO own our PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER ON ONE OF our underused school grounds for a wellness .. primary care and workmans comp needs as well as eyecare dental care pediatrics and orthopedics .. so as to decrease the unsustainable increasing cost of healthcare !! 10% per year totalling over $300 million,, $110 MILLION CITY..$167 MILLION SDUSD AND COUNTY medical bill annually..we need a plan for the homeless of 10,000 here,, a HEAT PROGRAM HOMELESS EMERGENCY ACTION TEAM. BOB FILNERS FIANCE AT THE HELM .. starting with a tent at inspiration southwest parking area with 2500 beds showers hot kitchen and rotations of students from ucsd med school,, sdsu psychology and social workers and nurses fro treatment and assessments of individual needs.. c u soon at the next city council.. my website is a.. and candidate for california governor in 2014..

  • steven greenwald

    the bus driver for the mtstold me today that her medical insurance premiun increased from 100 dollars every 4 weeks to 240 dollars every 4 weeks!!the selfowned primry heath/wellness program would include the port of sd and mts employees.. this would control health benefit costs..

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