Teen escapes attempted kidnapping

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violent crimeENCINITAS, Calif. РAn 18-year-old woman fought off three would-be kidnappers who pulled her into a pickup truck in Encinitas Monday.

The woman was walking in the 500 block of Saxony Road toward Puebla Street about 1:30 p.m. when she noticed she was being followed by a small black truck with orange horizontal stripes near the fenders and gardening equipment in back, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Arnold Aldana.

The driver pulled up alongside her and one of its male occupants, a thin, possibly teenage boy, got out and ordered her to get in, Aldana said.

She refused and the suspect pulled her into the truck, where the driver, a heavyset man between 30 and 40, and another man in his late 20s to early 30s were waiting, the sergeant said.

The woman punched the driver and bit another suspect, and they released her from the vehicle, Aldana said. She then ran to a nearby residence for help,he said.


  • Mom

    Those so called men, should have shame for the crap they tried to do to this girl! Seriously what is going on in this world. I'm very proud of this girl she did the right thing, fight back. I hope these guys get stopped and get charged before they try this again to another innocent child.

  • Guest

    what goes thru the minds..or brain matter (or some other piece of anatomy) of guys like these??
    3 hispanics packed into the front seat of small pick up w/ gardening tools in back..typical. shoot on site

    'oh it's ok..we can f…. anybody we want..it's a free country..'

    • Guest 2

      What do you mean shoot on site?! If you saw 3 random Hispanics in a small truck with gardening tools in the back, the first thought that would come to your mind is SHOOT them??? I'm not defending the one's who attempted to kidnap the teen but from the looks of it neither were you…

      '3 Hispanics in a truck, let's kill them! its a free country after all!'

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