San Diegans welcome in 2013

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SAN DIEGO – Many San Diegans welcomed 2013 by partying in the Gaslamp District Monday evening.

“I just like the energy of downtown San Diego,” said Felicia Balzano, Gaslamp resident. “It’s a fun place to be.”

Crowds packed into the Gaslamp bars and restaurants Monday night to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Some party-goers said the best part about the holiday was spending time with family and friends.

“You’re out with people that you care about,” said Jon Roper. “And loved ones and just the revelry.”

Another part of New Year’s is coming up with a resolution and many Gaslamp visitors already had them in mind.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 8.51.25 PM“Eat healthier,” said Roper. “Get in shape a little bit better. I’m also going to try to quit Facebook, so we’ll see how that goes.”

“To be healthier overall,” said Balzano. “And probably just be good to everyone that’s around me.”

Keena McArthur and Shire Smith actually ended up in the Gaslamp because of a prior resolution.

“I set a New Year’s resolution about four years ago,” said McArthur. “Where I’d go somewhere new in the world for every new year and so here we are in San Diego.”

“Being in a big city like this is exciting,” said Smith. “To see everyone celebrating and enjoying each other.”

The holiday is not just about setting a personal goal, but also seeing what the new year has in store for the country and world.

“I’d like to see everyone try to get a long a little better,” said Brian Stearns. “Politics. It’s been a tough year politically, but I think the country as a whole is pulling very well together and I think it’s going to work out really well.”