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Housekeeper tied up during mansion robbery

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Housekeeper tied up in RB mansion robberyRANCHO SANTA FE, Calif. — Two thieves, one armed with a gun, confronted a woman in a North County home Thursday, then tied her up and stole jewelry before fleeing, leaving her bound and alone in the large residence.

The victim made an emergency call shortly after 3 p.m. to report the home-invasion robbery in the 5000 block of El Mirlo in Rancho Santa Fe, according to the sheriff’s department.

The woman said the bandits had showed up in the Spanish-style house about 12:30 p.m., and children returning home several hours later untied her, according to a dispatcher said.web

The woman, who was uninjured, said the robbers appeared to be in their late 20s. One had long, straight blond hair and was wearing gray jeans, a striped shirt and sunglasses, she reported. His accomplice, a tall man with short hair, was wearing a baseball cap.

The suspects may have driven away in a light blue, metallic Kia or something similar, deputies said.



  • Darren

    Anybody with a house like that deserves to have those that are less fortunate break in and take what they want. Shame on people for having such luxury while those that are poor merely because of their refusal to work for pittance must go without. </sarcasm>

    • Jennifer

      Wow. That was the dumbest comment I've ever read! Are you honestly suggesting that a person who has more possessions than you deserves to be robbed and subjected to violence? I sincerely hope you are never is a situation where a gun is pointed at you and you have to fear for your life. Nobody should have to experience that.

  • DJP

    I know the family and housekeeper that live in that house. The comment left by Darren shows what type of person he is, jealous, I feel sorry for him. The couple that live here have what they do because of their hard work! I am thankful she(H) is alright and not hurt. I hope the people that did this are caught and held accountable for their actions and poor choices.

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