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North County elementary school locked down

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – An elementary school in North County was on a “modified” locked down Thursday morning after receiving a threatening call, officials confirmed.

Laurel Elementary SchoolAn anonymous threat was received overnight which caused officials to issue a modified lock down at Laurel Elementary School at 1410 Laurel Street in Oceanside, according to Steve Lombard, Director of Communications  for the Oceanside Unified School District.

Lombard said the modified lock down meant kids were directed to classrooms instead of playing on the field before school. Kids arriving for breakfast were sent to eat in their classrooms.

Oceanside police were still on the school property as classes began at 8:15 a.m.  Nothing had been found as of noon.  Class resumed for the duration of the school day.

Several parents lined up outside the school to take their children home.  A couple parents told Fox 5 school officials did not notify them until their the school day was over.




  • myboyz

    I cant believe that they knew about this and they didn't call parents BEFORE school and told them to just leave their kids home instead of sending them to school!!!!! Is this their way of protecting our children????

  • norman

    I called them and they said they called…I didn't receive a call or no other parent i talked to. I get a call almost weekly from them of a recording and i think that goes to all parents. Nothing at all

  • myboyz

    That is scary! They should have sent an automated recording to land lines, cell phones, emergency contacts and emails. or when parents arrived at the school to drop of their kids, they should have turned them away! and any walkers, hold them and contact their parents immediately !!!

  • becky

    Shame on Oceanside Unifed School District!! Parents should of got a phone call last night or this morning! School should of been canceled today. Thank you OUSD for putting our children thru this ordeal!! Parents Keep your children home from school tomorrow just to be safe! (Per Oceanside police officer)

    • norman

      Now they just called using the message system saying they sent one out this morning and we must not have received it. Funny thing is i get them all the time and even now and just not this morning

  • Mistie

    I have 2 children that go to this school and I am so mad about not receiving a call. I found out from a friend that saw all the police at the school. They have a one call that calls everyone in there data base and to not receive anything is awful…My children are home safe and they will not be attending school tomorrow…

    • norman

      I complained about this and they said they sent it in which i didn't get or no one i asked about it. I just received a call at 155 pm saying that they sent one and we must have not got it.

    • sochocnana

      You all need to make an appearance at the next school board meeting. Shame on them. Every single parent I've talked to from that school said they were not notified. With the modern technology today there is NO excuse. This is neglegant on behalf of the OUSD. I'd be giving Duane Coleman a personal call if I had a child there. Call everyone of the school board members. Children have the right to be taught in a safe and non scarey enviornment, and if they are scared they aren't learning. The school district just wanted their $25.00 a student for showing up for class. You as parents have the right to KNOW your child is safe. You all should have been directed to take your children home when you drove up with your children that day and the SWAT team on site. This disgusts me, and I don't even have any kids there.

  • Unique

    I have a 5 year old that attends school! I am pissed off they didnt notify me of this treat. WHY did they let our children attend school today! I just got a call today @ 2pm, and they recieved the threat over night….MY CHILD WILL NOT BE ATTENDING SCHOOL TOMORROW!

    • Norman

      i know and i called school and they messed up and covering their a** and saying they called and i must not received it but the 20 other parents i talked to didnt receive a call either

  • SoCal

    As a parent, I know this kind of thing is disturbing, but after a tragedy like last Friday's there are ALWAYS a bunch of crank calls made to school, mostly by teens who just want to see it on the news. They usually do it at their own or a friend's school so they get out early or do not have to go at all. Schools lose government funding for when the students are not there. These are federal offences now, so the police are called, but just as most of the "Suspicious Package" alerts, they are most often false or just pranks. It can be hard to be patient when you are scared for your children, but trust what officials are doing, if there had been actual danger, they would have done more than call. A Parent that has been through this several times.

    • sochocnana

      In light of last Friday is exactly why the parents should have been told to keep their children home. Who gives a rats a– about the funding when it comes to the safety of their children. Several Oregon schools are not in service today because of threats..Oregon, is putting the kids first and their money second.

  • Aurelia Valencia

    I was there during the lock-up. I when with my mom to pick my niece and nephew after getting a phone telling us to go pick the children. I am very thankful with Laurel school Officials and Oceanside Police Department for working very hard to keep everyone involve(children school officials, media, and concern children's relatives waiting for the safe return of their children) safe. I would like to specially thank the Laurel School Principal for working tireless in order toi make sure all children inside the school to be safe until their return to the hands of their relatives waiting outside the school. while the Oceanside Police Officers work inside and outside the school. I would specially thank the Oceanside Police Department for having at least the presence of two women police officers and other male officers outside the school ready and willing answer any questions from concern children relatives. I mostly like to thanks all the dedicated teachers of Laurel for keeping the children safe inside their classrooms during all the lock-up. When I asked my niece and nephew later on how was their school day they both answer great where having fun watching movies while eating inside the classroom. Muchas Gracias a todos.

  • Lilly

    I attend at this school, and Laurel is safe because of the officers. No one has been hurt. YOUR children are protected. Every child at school knows what to do when danger is near. I am a 5th grade and I am standing up for my school. I have gone to this school for 7 years. This is the problem that us children have been practing for years. If some parents didn't get the calls that is because the office has only a few people to tell other parents about what happend. The teachers were to busy keeping us satisfied. If you where mad don't be. Be happy that your children where happy, ok? I know they had fun because I had fun.

  • rosi

    I am apart of the school it first started you cam in you had to go straight to your class room,you were able to work and not go under your desk.Then teachers started coming in and out with kids.We asked why are they leaving and they said that there was a threat for thee school.So there was 10 or 12 kids left in our class room.On friday in our class there was 11 kids.About 4 or 3 came back.On the other classes there was half people there.We ate lunch in our class we were still safe.We were safe!

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