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SD woman sells ‘I love Newtown’ shirts to support her hometown

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SAN DIEGO – A San Diego woman, who grew up in Newtown, CT, is selling “I love Newtown” t-shirts to raise money for the victims in Friday’s tragedy.

Kerin Sovern said a group of her friends first created the t-shirts when they were seniors at Newtown High School. The original shirts said “I love Newtown” inside an outline of the state of Connecticut.

“We all loved Newtown,” said Sovern. “And we thought it would be funny, ‘let’s make kind of a fun t-shirt to express our love for our town.’”

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 6.29.44 PMHours after the shooting, Kerin posted an old photo online of her friends wearing the t-shirts. Friends began responding and many suggested turning the t-shirts into a fundraiser.

The re-designed t-shirts will look similar, but with a green outline and green heart. Inside the heart: the date 12/14/12. Green and white are the school colors of Sandy Hook Elementary.

The t-shirts are being sold for $25 at Printing companies are donating the materials so that all the proceeds can go to the families in Newtown. Sovern is also in the process of filing for nonprofit status.

“There’s not going to be any cost, except for the shipping,” said Sovern. “It’s pretty phenomenal. It’s just a snowball effect of greatness out of a tragic situation.”

So far the majority of orders have come from Newtown residents and San Diegans wanting to make a difference.

“San Diego cares,” said Sovern. “San Diego reminds me a lot of Newtown as far the community and camaraderie they show. It’s been a blessing to live here with such wonderful people, as well. San Diego is my home now, but Newtown will be forever my home.”

Just during our interview 10 orders came in and as of Tuesday afternoon close to 300 t-shirts had sold. That’s more than $5,000 for the cause. With your help Sovern hopes that number will continue to rise.


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