Renewed gun control talks boost gun sales

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SAN DIEGO – The debate over gun control ignited in Washington while gun sales boomed in San Diego following Friday’s mass shooting in Connecticut.

“Have there been more sales than normal? Yes, there has been,” said Lenny Magill, owner of The Glock Store in Kearny Mesa.

GunsAmerican Shooting Center owner Marc Halcon said it was the same story at his Kearny Mesa store. In recent months, gun sales have increased more than 40 percent.

“We’ve seen two increases in sales.  One after the election, then after the tragedy last week,” said Halcon. “The driving force behind this is the President has come out and said he’s going to take steps to change it.”

Change is the target of discussion in Washington.  On Sunday, Senator Dianne Feinstein renewed her push on national television for a ban on military style assault weapons.

Other politicians including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the governor of Connecticut and former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge also weighed in on the issue of gun control.

“We need a national conversation to include some arms regulations,” said Secretary Ridge.

Halcon said the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary is horrific, but guns are not to blame.

“People who are predisposed to do evil things will find a way to do it,” said Halcon. “Let’s not look to fix blame on an inanimate object.”



    Sharon Chen, first, in the American Shooting Center, you interrupted while I was in the middle of a purchase. You felt the need to announce that you are the media as if you’re more important than anyone who arrived before you and stood in line for service. That’s rude, and you are no more important than the next customer in line. Have some decency, and wait your turn. Then, this is the pathetic article you reported? You should be fired. Why don’t you report something intelligent, assuming you have some intelligence?

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