Blog: ‘I am the mother of Adam Lanza’

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SAN DIEGO – A blog post titled “I am the mother of Adam Lanza” has gone viral and has mothers across nation and in San Diego speaking out about what they call a gaping hole in mental health services

A mother claiming her son tried to kill her six years ago told Fox 5 Monday there’s major need for mental health assistance.

“Living with mental illness is a different kind of pain,”  an anonymous mother said Monday.

She said her son was diagnosed with oppositional defiance disorder, Autism and a host of other disorders producing bouts of pure rage.

After being attacked with a knife, she turned to the state for help, but the government said she had two choices: testify against her 16-year-old in a criminal case, where he would be sent to jail, or take her mentally ill son home.

After treating her son with anti-psychotic drugs, extensive therapy the mother is still worried that her son is a threat.

The one thing she said keeps his mind in balance is marijuana.


  • Kenny

    It is easy to blame TV, Music, Video Gaming and Movies for the violence. But the fact of the matter is that the generations of today live in a virtual world. All there life experiences are on TV and Social Media. You mix this with mental illness and its a bomb ready to explode. When we grew up we did not see such things. We only heard about them! The point is that even during our time there was still crimes and horrific ones at that. We need to focus on the individuals that are doing such things and strengthen our support for those who suffer from mental illness. And require that guns get locked up by their owners! Also feel that these kids today, at least a few thirst for such things like action movies and video gaming. But you as a parent should be providing sound values for your children…And if they are suffering from mental illness then you need to be there number one advocate and see that they get the help they need.

  • Cathy

    My son was arrested yesterday for domestic violence and battery. My son needs mental help badly! How can I get anyone to listen? Throwing him in prison isn’t what he deserves! Someone help please! I was his victim but I know he needs help not jail! Please I don’t want him punished because he has a mental problem!! HELP

  • Julianna

    I see cases like these EVERYDAY, I work at a local high school and students classified under "special day class" are students with emotional disturbances. It is so common to see these kids come in and out of Juvenal Hall, and its all because mental illnesses are overseen by many of us, society does not know how to handle these cases still, all they do is throw them in jail with no support- just conditioning them for failure rather than to success.

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