Mayor convenes meeting on school safety

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SAN DIEGO — Mayor Bob Filner met with police, school and community leaders Monday to talk about local school safety in the wake of Friday’s school shooting tragedy in Connecticut.

Mayor Convenes School Safety MeetingAmong those attending the morning session were Police Chief William Lansdowne and San Diego city schools Superintendent Bill Kowba and board President John Lee Evans.

“I really applaud the mayor for bringing us all together,” Lansdowne told FOX5 before the meeting. “We’ve talked over the weekend. We’re going to have a meeting at 9:45 a.m. Well make a public announcement on what we are doing in the city of San Diego to prevent a tragedy like this from occurring and make our kids safe.”

The meeting also included county Mental Health Director Alfredo Aguirre and other mental health professionals.


  • Shasteen Aguilera

    I don’t like the idea of Metal Detectots (or something of this nature) @ all the schools but if it means bringing more SAFETY/PROTECTION to our CHILDREN & the FACULTY then so be it. That’s what our taxes should be SPENT ON not lighting the Coronado Bridge. Not that it won’t be beautiful, but PRIORITIES FIRST PEOPLE (bridge was just an example)

    • Michael

      The lighting for the Coronado bridge isn't funded by the government/people. It is relying on private funding. Did you not even read the story?

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