Man shot by ranger faces prison time

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Charles-Dustin-CollinsSAN DIEGO — A man who was shot as he allegedly came at a ranger in Torrey Pines State Reserve with a knife pleaded not guilty Monday to assault charges from his hospital bed.

Charles Dustin Collins, 29, was charged with assault on a peace officer and assault with a deadly weapon.

Judge Peter Gallagher set bail at $100,000. Collins faces five years in prison if convicted.

The shooting took place along a trail shortly after 2 p.m. Thursday, San Diego police Lt. Jorge Duran said.

A state ranger was responding to a call about a nude man when he came upon Collins inside a tent, the lieutenant said.

The ranger ordered Collins out of the tent and to show identification, prompting him to become verbally combative, Duran said.

The ranger called for backup, and another ranger arrived a short time later. At some point, Collins allegedly grabbed a knife and turned toward one of the rangers in a threatening manner.

Duran said one of the rangers fired a single shot that hit Collins in the body.

The name of the deputy who shot Collins was not made public. He was described by authorities as an eight-year veteran of the state Department of Parks.

San Diego police detectives are investigating the shooting.

A readiness conference was set for Jan. 7 and a preliminary hearing for Jan. 21.


  • Terri Clement

    I am Dustin's aunt and we have not heard from him in 9 months.I thank God he is alive. I pray he will get the help he needs now. Our family has been trying to get him help for years. Not prison, a mental hospital.

  • Christa Schriber

    I am Dustin's sister and I have been looking for him and I am glad he is alive and okay. He isn't a violent person he is harmless I can get statements from other states and people he has meet that will speak highly of him and these people has seen others beat him and him refuse to do anything to them or press charges on the one who attacked him. Why did it take a lady from California to find and contact his family through the state police? I thank her so much for doing so, but why didn't the police department contact the family about what has happened? If a stranger can do it why can't they? I have pictures of him and discriptions of him on a missing person website from where I have been trying to find him since we have not heard from him in almost a year. They have his name, birthday, and I am sure his I.D. so why wasn't a family member contacted? Why did it come from someone who had known him and where he was from? Henderson, KY

  • Cathie

    Took 6 days to contact family that is strange. We all know he carries ID. on him een him for 9months so I think they could of called someone before now MISSING PERSON HAS BEEN FILED

  • Kindall Collins

    Do you really think a cop would really admit he was wrong they teach them to lie and never to admit fault afraid they might get sued

  • william kortz

    Dustin is in need of pofesional help we tried but just like so many others they say he has to hurt someone or threating someone before they could seek help just thank god he didn’t go to a school or movie theater maybey its not to late

  • Cathie

    funny the San Diego police has not contacted any family as of now. What about phone calls, are people aloud at least 1 phone call

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