Ranger shoots man at Torrey Pines State Reserve

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SAN DIEGO — A park ranger shot a man who allegedly came at him Thursday with a machete at Torrey Pines State Reserve, authorities said.

The shooting off the 12200 block of Torrey Pines Park Road was reported about 2:15 p.m., according to San Diego police.


A California State Park Ranger was responding to a call about a nude man acting irrationally when he came upon the suspect inside a camping tent in a brush area along a trail, the lieutenant said in a statement.

The ranger ordered the man to come out of the tent and show identification, prompting him to become verbally combative, Duran said.

The ranger called for backup and another ranger arrived a short time later. At some point, the man allegedly reached inside his tent and pulled out a machete, turning toward the rangers in a threatening manner.

“Fearing he was about to be assaulted, one of the rangers fired one round from his duty weapon striking the male in the torso,” Duran said. “The male dropped the machete and was taken into custody.”

Medics took the man to a local trauma center. Duran said the wound was not life-threatening and he was in stable condition. His name was not immediately released.

The ranger who fired his weapon is an eight-year veteran of the State Parks Department. San Diego police homicide detectives are investigating the shooting.


  • Ken

    Some poor homeless person with a machete and a knife threatening people. Let's wait for the other facts. Sworn officers in state parks sometimes need those weapons to protect the rest of us.

  • Matt

    David, I'm guessing you got a ticket from a ranger once and are upset about it. Read the other news stories on this situation. The man was wielding a knife and charged a state police officer. I'm guessing you would rather see the ranger get stabbed to death?

  • Dennis

    I work for State Parks in the same District as this shooting. The Rangers who work in these parks are very well trained and complete as much training as any other law enforcement agency in California. I personally know the Ranger who was involved in the shooting and hes a great law enforcement officer.

    • Kindall Collins

      Surely police are going to defend the police lets take a vote on how many civilians trust law enforcement or the govorment

  • Derek

    I've jogged there frequently and often pass by lone women, families, children and other people.

    I have no problem with an armed, well trained LEO stopping a violent threat against another human being under just, constitutional circumstances.

    Further, since California as a whole (and especially San Diego county) with it's unconstitutional gun laws prohibit concealed carry of firearms by peaceful, well trained individuals, it makes the importance of a quick and prepared response by a LEO of a deadly threat that much more paramount.

    • Christa Schriber

      Because he is homeless he is a bad guy?? If he was going to hurt the officer or was a threat why did the officer sit in his tent for 10 minutes and then called backup. There are many people from Ky to Fl to CA that can say that this man is harmless and known combative. I do hope all the facts in this case are revealed before people place judgement. I am very glad that he is alive. You do realize that 75% of homeless people in this country are veterans that have fought for our rights and your rights because of there sacrifices they have had a hard time adjusting to normalcy. So don't look down upon people that don't have a home or choose to live that way. There are good and bad people living in every facet of life.

  • Dave

    Sadly, another case of "suicide by cop". Remarkable that the ranger was able to incapacitate the armed suspect with one shot. There might have been hundreds of people hiking in the area on a clear sunny day. A bigger tragedy avoided.

  • Cathie

    Has been missing for 9 months, they could not find him but to shot him. Took them 6 days to contact family that is funny was in Fl.for long time never had any trouble there went to Church regular. We always could get a hold of him he would email. I guee since he has been in Cali. it is different Know he kelp ID. on him so why 6 days

  • Christa

    It was not law enforcement who contacted the family, it was a lady whose farm he worked on who contacted us by KY state police. I just pray that he returns home safely someday soon. For all those who want to point fingers on homeless people and put them down, I pray that someday that this isn't your son, daughter, brother, sister, or family member.

  • Christa

    Read the other news media. Every story is different, one says he came out with a weapon others say the officer was in his tent with him for ten minutes. What is the real truth? A state park ranger shot a homeless man, of course they have to cover it up and have a reason for doing so. If the ranger was inside the tent and wanted to arrest him, why didn't he cuff him and take him out of the tent? Why did he come out of the tent after speaking with him and then go back inside the tent for a weapon then shot? None of it makes since. Read more get the facts people.

  • Cathie

    why has the family still not been contacted by the SanDeigo department.No news from anyone out there,don't they give you a one time phone call??????

  • Anon

    I personally know the ranger involved. He's one of the most cautious people I know and takes his job seriously. He never would have shot if he or someone else wasn't in danger. Nor would he be involved in this so-called "cover-up" you speak of. This isn't about hating the homeless. It's about people's safety. If someone came after me with a knife I'd sure the hell shoot them too to ensure I could go home to see my family. The ranger did what he had to do.

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