Woman sentenced for bankrolling terrorists

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jail-cellSAN DIEGO — A San Diego woman who conspired to provide material support to a terrorist organization based in Somalia was sentenced Tuesday to eight years in federal prison.

As part of her guilty plea, Nima Yusuf, 25, admitted that she conspired with four others — identified in court papers as Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, Abdisalan Hussein Ali, Cabdulaahi Faarax and Abdiweli Yassin Isse — to provide support to al-Shabaab in the form of money and personnel to work under the direction of the terrorist organization.

Yusuf was arrested in November 2010. She admitted sending $1,450 to the men, who were then fighting in Somalia for al-Shabaab, and to lying to federal agents about her financial support for the fighters.

According to court documents, Yusuf understood and supported al-Shabaab’s military efforts.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Daphne Hearn said law enforcement is committed to keeping the country and communities safe.

“We will aggressively pursue those who choose to send money or other resources to organizations that support terrorist acts,” Hearn said.”This is a serious crime against our country and our citizenry, and those who engage in these practices will meet the consequences of their actions in our judicial system.”

In a March 2010 phone call, Yusuf suggested that America was responsible for the 9/11 attacks and expressed hope for an even greater catastrophe in the future, according to court documents.

Hassan, Ali, Faarax and Isse are charged separately in a federal grand jury indictment in Minnesota for conspiring to provide material support to al-Shabaab, among other offenses.


  • mattyrobs1010

    so many issues/incentives with programs like these. anyone supporting domestic internal or international terrorism will be delt with accordingly. but we really have to ask hourselfs what the definition of terrorism means to US and the rest of the world, we need to look to the different denotational and connotations not only behind the definition itself, but what Lies behind the incentives too. this women will serve her time and thats a good thing, but several government agencies, banks, firms (domestic and international) support the liberation of third world countries through rebels and local gov's while innocent people get merked all the time in the crossfire (whether the bullets are made from depleted uranium or words from a tongue)… and tho there will always be people acting on individual interests, and they will be neutralized…who is really responsible for this? some of these people are manipulated into it, if not through violence, their own ignorance. if i was thinking like a lawyer, i would look at all side of this story..if i was thinking like a human being, i would say everyone has inherent human rights, no matter where you live, what you look/sound like, etc etc and so forth and if I was a shark i would ask how they/we could prosper on other peoples suffering (mental or physical) so who is really responsible if we are all in the same boat together? "sit down your rocking the boat" there is a high threat for domestic terrorism right now, whether it be psychological or physical ..your going to see more of these shootings and violence and rioting in other places the media doesnt have access too… we all know the basics, but when does fact become fiction? ya dig? all im saying, is terrorism one day wolnt be an issue, till then IT must be treated as such..untill we are all strong enough to confront it (or any fear) rationally and find a way to row this boat when there is no wind, and find a way to raise the flags and sails together when there is some wind blowing, so we dont have to work 24/7 if you get my drift… its always nice to have someone on board that knows which way the winds gonna blow. also, ppl shouldnt take visions/warnings as threats. we are here to help. and a big F U to all the ppl who want to harm the USA.. there is alot of stuff we are responsible that our civilians will never know about, which breeds these terrorists activities and antisemitism in other places. but it doesnt have to be this way, the world is learning but it will appear to be burning for a little while. fight fire with fire they say, but an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. think about this. i obviously do, too much ….. <3 mger

    • surj1936

      mattyrobs1010, You have put your comments in a very civilized manner, but you are forgetting is we are dealing with muslims ,the followers of Islam, Not until you know the history of Islam/ muslims ,you will NOT understand their psyche. This is from Muslim's Quran Sura 2:193 " Fight against them [Infidels/kafures ]until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme " And Sura 48:13 " And if any believe NOT i Allah and His Messenger,we have prepared for those who reject Allah,a Blazing Fire for the disbelievers " It is shame the vast majority of the Westerners don't understand or don't care to learn about the EVIL'S of Islam. Don't forget obama is one of them, he is a muslim. No matter where muslims are they always support Islam/Umma first.

  • steven greenwald

    the most evil of the evil are the mexican cartels.. the pen is mightier than the sword .. mr obama does what he does…. in 2004 mr obama said that the war on drugs was an UTTER FAILURE!!!!LETS STOP FINANCING TERRORISM

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