University of California students protest new logo

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SAN DIEGO – Students and alumni of the University of California system are petitioning to stop the institution from changing their logo.

The old logo bears the seal of an open book, an 1868 date stamp and the script “Let there be Light.” The new logo is described by many as too modern.

“The old logo represented the history of UC system and it has more of traditional vibe to it,” said Patricia Hernandez, a University of California San Diego junior studying marine biology. She doesn’t particularly like the new logo. “This seems more new age and computer technology-ish.”

The logo has been in the works for a year and was designed in house.  When students discovered the new logo was already being used they quickly mobilized to stop it.

Facebook postings lite up with negative comments and outrage and website’s like to start a petition. In just four days, more than 45,000 signatures have been collected.

The university said it’s all misunderstanding.

“It doesn’t replace the tradition seal which is still used on diploma’s and official documents,” said Steve Montiel, UCSD President’s Office spokesman. He said the logo was designed to create a stronger brand beyond California.

As the third largest employer in the state, it’s part of a system wide marketing and fundraising campaign.

“These days, UC has seen funding from the state cut by $900 million in the last five years alone, so we got to be creative and reach out in ways that weren’t as necessary 20 years ago,” he said.

He added that the visual identity of the 10 University of California campuses will not change.

“It’s not about the logo. It’s about our efforts to let Californians know of the whole system and how it affect the lives of people in every part of the state,” Montiel said.

Students at UCSD were upset by the new logo, but admit they cannot stop change.

“I saw all the Facebook postings and the petition,” said Hernandez. “I don’t necessarily know if that’s a great use of time because they’re going to change it whether or not people petition against it anyways.”


  • frankbrunson

    The article doesn't show the logo, but I have seen it and agree it looks like a toilet – from the vantage point of one looking down. Mostly blue, with a "C" that is beginning to be flushed away. Assuming it is a good idea to have a more modern logo that looks better online, this one is just bad. It have been great if UC had announced a logo competition and put the incredible talents of its students to use to come up with a wonderful and statement making logo! If UC is considered about funding cuts and finding ways to be creative, why not unlock the talents of students in a logo competition?

  • Guest

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  • college books

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