Controversial holiday catalog targets teens

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SAN DIEGO – A popular retail store was under fire for its controversial holiday catalog.

Many of the products in the latest Urban Outfitters catalog were considered offensive and inappropriate for teenagers, the trendy store’s target customers.

“I just think it’s totally inappropriate for them to market it,” said Marcela Mendez of Mission Valley.

article-2246109-1673960B000005DC-708_306x373Many people were upset over the company’s holiday catalog because of profanities printed across the product line.  T-shirts, glassware and even the holiday gift wrapping paper features curse words.

The company catalogs are only made available through the mail and kids can request them online.

“It’s not appropriate at all,” said Bobby Sparkman of Linda Vista.  “I think it’s targeted towards young people. I have young kids and I don’t want somebody walking around and my kids seeing that on their shirt.”

“I think it’s not a good idea to use the f-word at any age, but explicitly exposed probably not for children in particular,” said Yul Doktorsky of Mission hills.

One of the controversial products is a flask with the words “f%#k my liver.”

“Well teenagers don’t need a flask first of all,” said Marcela Mendez of Mission Valley. “So that’s one thing that shouldn’t be marketed towards them at all.  The t-shirt…I just wouldn’t want my kid really wearing one that screams it out.”

Urban Outfitter’s Facebook page seemed to be a place for customers to vent their opinions of the catalog images.

“I was going to shop there this Christmas, but forget it now,” Juan Carlos Diaz wrote on the social media page.

“Boycotting your store. It’s a shame that you are degrading yourselves in trying to sell your product,” Sara Merritt wrote.

An employee at one of the company’s local stores referred Fox 5 to their corporate office for comments.  As of Tuesday evening, the company had not responded.

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