Foster teens go on shopping spree

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foster shopping spreeESCONDIDO, Calif. – A teenager’s dream to go on a shopping spree with someone else picking up the bill came true Monday.

More than a thousand San Diego foster teenagers went on a shopping spree Monday evening after a North County couple donated $250,000 to make it possible.

Tierra, 17, was among the approximately 1,200 foster teens who received between $150 and $200 to spend at Target.

“I was actually really excited,” said Tierra, who has been a part of the San Diego foster system for the last eight years and hasn’t spent the holidays with a family in years.

“The love isn’t there,” said Tierra. “Waking up in the morning and having your family all around the tree, that’s not there.”

The high school senior said she wants to become a nurse and has been accepted to two colleges.  She used the money to buy necessities for school.

“I’m getting pots and pans and some Tupperware,” she said.

This holiday miracle is a reality thanks to an unnamed couple who donated the money.  This is not the first time they have shown their generosity.  The couple has donated large sums of money to similar programs in previous years.

“People love to shop for little kids,” said Tonya Torosian who is the CEO of, an organization that helps abused and neglected kids. “But when it comes to providing gifts for teenagers, we often come up short.”

Since its inception, Promises2Kids has distributed nearly $21 million for the care and protection of abused and neglected children and provided services for more than 166,000 children in need including current and former foster youth.

Tierra said the gift means a lot to her.

“I’m grateful and just so honored that I’m one of the people able to use the money wisely,” she added.


  • Wiz Khalifa

    This is a "nice" gesture, but if you really calculate a few things, thats really not anything. especially to some foster kids. Its like you buy a few things and then its like damn. That went fast.

    • TheTruth

      Your comment is by far the most dumbest thing I've read today. It's a generous gesture, a gesture they do not have to make and it's not about what they can take because it's all about appreciation and gratitude not selfishness and greed.

      The importance is not what they receive but reflects on the individual(s) who donate to make things that are impossible possible. And foster youth who may think that their generosity is not enough are likely to be ungrateful children. Those who appreciate every penny, dime, nickel, etc., are youth who are grateful and will show gratitude through words and actions. Get your morals and ethics situated.

      • Wiz Khalifa

        Honestly, The foster care system is so fucked up in san diego. Instead of making a damn news story about this, they need to exploit all these damn terrible foster parents that dump kids on the streets once they turn 18. even though they can collect a check for these kids every month but yet there still needy? Yes, Because theres scandalous guardians that dont give a shit about these kids. But yes, your right it was nice for someone to help like that though.

        • TheTruth

          I am a former foster youth. And if you are too, then you truly need to make peace with your complexities or learn to be humble. I grew up in the foster care system (18 years) and I've witnessed more than some could even image but I refused to become a product of what's wrong with the system but developed new changes. Don't worry it won't be the same forever., and rather than complaining DO SOMETHING! Don't be a pessimist who sees only difficulties.

  • Cindy

    I was there, the smiles on the faces of these teens were indescribable. They scattered everywhere to get everything they wanted(: I thought it was great of this organization to do this.

  • Char

    Being a part of this, as I was, all I saw with my own eyes, heard in my ears, and felt in my soul, was LOVE! Made possible by someone willing to be the change in these young persons troubled lives by giving “Hope” one present at a time! The gift to my volunteer time, was priceless to my heart! Thank You Thank You Thank You

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