Luxury car dealers charged with money laundering

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SAN DIEGO — A father and son who were arrested during a multi-agency raid on their luxury used car lot were charged with money laundering and other crimes Thursday in federal court.

Amir BahadorAmir Bahador owns Autohaus San Diego on Mission Gorge Road. Amir’s son, Roman Bahador, owns European Collections, a dealership at the same location. A task force comprising the FBI, IRS, DEA and local police departments served search warrants Wednesday at the dealerships and at the Del Cerro homes of the two men.

Prosecutors say the men were involved in a scheme involving the sale of luxury vehicles for illegal drug money. They are also accused of structuring a series of bank deposits in amounts less than $10,000 to try and avoid having the deposits reported to the IRS.

If convicted of all charges, the Bahadors could each be sentenced to 20 year in prison.

Both men were ordered held without bail.  A bail review hearing was scheduled for Dec. 20.


  • Bahador karma

    This guy deserves everything he gets. Anyone that defends him…..well there is a sucker born everyday

    • guest

      Sounds as if you think you know him? Even if you know of him, youre still NOT qualified to comment either. Stupid comments all of you…. get a life deadbrain

  • Guest

    I knew Amir's son, Roman, and seen him around at the gym and such. Very nice and genuine guy…this is shocking to say the least

    • Roman Be Safe

      I 2nd your comment . I met Roman several times he is very genuine guy who will look out for you. I hope the best for him is this situation and he makes it out without jail time.

  • osama h. obama

    unfortunately this lowlives father and son make a bad impression for all other hardworking middle eastern.
    Not all middle eastern car dealers are like him but buyer be aware. I hope they get at least 7 years with baba at camp snoopy

    • GUEST


  • mickhiel

    The man i live with worked for Amir Bahador, and they share many secrets, while working at the car dealership together it seems that they have even engaged in a sexual relationship, Its funny how this occured because i've been treeing to choke this information out of the man i live with, He exploded when i braught Amir Bahador to his attention, and questioned his involvement with this man, he in the past was making much more money then car dealers normally did while working for Amir Bahador, and then continued his journey to dealing with loans he said he had connections, now i understand even more. When asked his relationship with admire "he said they were very good friends" he said
    I dont know how to get in contact with somebody who seeks information, Text me 1(213)-454-0173 do not call, only If you are on the case or trieng to seek information.

      • guest

        i agree with your commet. i worked for the man all i have to say he has a good heart both of themamir and roman. everybody else can go shut the front door

  • Red John

    Did anyone bother to check out Jeff Shepherd in Scripps Ranch ??? I heard he is the one they trusted to hold their secret records. Rumor has it he keeps the information on a memory card somewhere just outside his house. If wasn’t sure where to look I would check the structure outside his home used for receiving mail. Or maybe I’m just dreaming this all up.

    • guest

      Who the hell are you??? mind your business you fucking idiot lol go worry about your own business and stay out of theirs chicken shit tattletale. I am sure you are not qualified or informed enough to make a comment like that! whyyyyy on earth would you post it on here????? How dare you list someones name here!!!!!!!!!! fuck off

      • Jillejo

        You obviously have some keen interest here. "Guest" ? You should show yourself if you are going to be foulmouthed. Standing behind anonymity looks suspect.

      • guest who?

        Hey guest, What's the matter? Did Red John strike a nerve? When you deal with pieces of shit, and/or hang out with pieces of shit like Amir and Roman, expect to get a little stinky.

  • Your mama

    I love reading comments – these were especially funny! Keep them coming – I’m bored and need entertainment!

  • FBI, LOL!

    a very close friend of mine bought a vehicle from the son. The next day he took it wlsewhere for a tune up and found that the engine was completely shot. The vehicle was taken back to the son who basically said tough sh!t. I dont' know about the rest of this stuff, the based on this lone experience, it sure made me think the guy was a scumbag.

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  • john doe

    i just wanna say i know roman Bahador personally and on a business level when i first met him i was very pleased to see how nice of a guy he was after i couldnt get approved for a car by any bank he gave me a chance to make payments to him he even let me have time to come up with a downpayment i will always be a customer of Roman Bahadors GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY!!!!!

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  • Jacques Samuel

    In the current period we have found that frauds and money scams are rapidly grows; as a result most number of peoples are used to get money from frauds and scams; in the above article we have found how money laundering process activate now days and how people used to cheat and make frauds with others very easily.

  • Interested

    What is the latest re: the Bahadors? Are they simply out on bail doing business as usual? Amir? Roman? Brenton?

  • westlamovers

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  • Toby Halyburton

    It's almost as if selling luxury cars wasn't giving them enough money anymore. I guess some people just can't get enough money and will do whatever it takes to get more.

  • Free Stuff

    Actually i have heard about this news couple of month ago and whatever have been happened in there all are very true as well and i think if the person is really proved that he has done this sort of activities, then definitely he should get hard punishment as well. Thanks

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