Gang member pleads guilty in death of teen couple

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Fernando Solano and Sandra SalgadoVISTA, Calif. — A gang member charged in connection with the retaliation killings of a teenage couple in an Oceanside park pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony count of being an accessory after the fact.

Tyrone Blackmon, 30, faces up to five years in state prison when he is sentenced Jan. 9 by Judge K. Michael Kirkman.

Three other gang members — 20-year-old AL’C Robert Bejaran, 20-year-old Justin Gibson and 35-year-old Kenneth Hamilton — each are charged with two counts of murder in the May 3, 2011, shooting deaths of 14-year-old Sandra Salgado and 16-year-old Fernando Solano at Libby Lake Park.

Bejaran, the alleged gunman, faces the death penalty if convicted. Gibson and Hamilton face 50 years to life in prison if convicted.

Patrol officers found the teens’ bodies at the Calle Montecito Street open-space area about 10:30 p.m. while responding to reports of gunfire.

The slain teens, who relatives said were boyfriend and girlfriend, had no known gang ties, police said.

According to court testimony, Hamilton and Gibson — members of a predominantly black gang — said they went to the park in rival Hispanic gang territory with Bejaran the night of the murders.

Hamilton told detectives they were smoking marijuana when Bejaran found the victims on a hillside and shot them to death, according to court testimony.

Bejaran’s girlfriend testified that he wanted revenge for an attack on Hamilton days earlier


  • Jack Lord

    What has this nation come to? No regard for life,decency or anything but me,me,me. This is a result of children being raised with no father figure, a family who is reliant on the government it hates. Just a pack of animals who prey on the weak. But we all have to accept part of the blame. We as Americans allowed our politicians to create this depraved society that is growing exponentially worse generation after generation.

  • lilia garcia

    que andavan aciendo estos ninos alas 9 pm en el parke si no eran cholos . claro ke eran cholos hay que ser onestos un nino normal llega a su casa temprano

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