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Businesses damaged when DUI suspect hits hydrant

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EL CAJON, Calif. — Three businesses were damaged after a 17-year-old suspected drunken driver crashed into a fire hydrant in El Cajon.

Toyota Tacoma crashes into fire hydrant

A heavily damaged pickup hit a fire hydrant in El Cajon, causing damage to several businesses.

The crash happened on Broadway in El Cajon early Tuesday morning. Another driver called 911 to report a damaged Toyota Tacoma was weaving suspiciously. The caller said watched the pickup knock over a fire hydrant in the 1300 block of  Broadway and crash through a fence. The pickup drove off as a geyser of water rained down on the business nearest the hydrant, according to the witness.

Police spotted the pickup about a mile from the crash and eventually forced the driver to stop. The teenage driver was taken into custody. It was not immediately clear what charges he would face.

Firefighters turned off water to the broken fire hydrant, but by that time, thousands of gallons of water had pooled on the roof of Amarc Enterprises, causing the ceiling to collapse, police said. Two other businesses were also damaged.


  • Wes

    So…….would this be considered WET and reckless? HaHa. Hard way to learn! Most importantly, nobody was hurt or killed.

  • JustMe0503

    They stopped the truck right in front of my apartments it was crazy. I didn't see exactly when it happened i just heard tires screeching, sirens, the whole block was lit up with cop lights and when i looked out my window there was a cloud of smoke from the tires. It's scary to think what would have happened if the guy would have crashed into the apartments. But than God everyone was OK. It was about 11:45pm, it was really quiet after stopping the kid, there was neighbors outside trying to figure out what had happened, watching the officer get int his car to drive off with the guy in the back seat when the officer accidentally turns on the sirens. It echoed through the street and then in the dead silence you hear one of the officers say "REALLY?" It was funny you could hear some of the neighbors just bust out laughing. What a night In El Cajon City! :)

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