Nick Lachey gets booted from Chargers game

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SAN DIEGO – Pop Star Nick Lachey was reportedly escorted out of Sunday’s Cincinnati Bengals game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium.

The Cincinnati native tweeted a photo from inside Qualcomm Stadium, then tweeted again three hours later.


Nick Lachey was seen arguing with a Chargers fan.

“Just got kicked out of the Chargers Stadium and couldn’t be prouder!  Go Cincy Bengals! #whodey.”

Lachey was kicked out after security officers determined his trash talk crossed the line, according to celebrity website TMZ.

On Monday, Lachey continued to tweet about the incident in Qualcomm.

“For the record, I was not kicked out of the Chargers game for excessive ‘trash talking’. No, that honor belonged to the guy in front of me!” Lachey tweeted. “Again, aside from a few exceptions, I had a great time hanging with Charger fans all afternoon. Honestly, some of the nicest fans around.”

Lachey is a former band member of 98 Degrees and was previously married to Jessica Simpson.



    what a fag, stay out of qualcomm, we're nice until you prove you're an idiot, which you did… and obviously taking to twitter was a great idea! 98degrees? you're.4 short of a real human, sad.

    • les

      really you think in this day and age you can use that word? apparently you are that insensitive person we all talk about these days. you are real short of being a real human also….

  • Crash

    He gave himself away with being a liar when he tweeted " Charger fans are some of the nicest fans around" Not true. Just hang out at the entrance to the police compound and see who are the ones going in in handcuffs. Also, check out the parking lot and see which fans do most of the instigating. This is especially when the Chargers have a winning season.

    • les

      so crash you make the assumption that 50 people get arrested, and that they were all charger fans and therefore all charger fans are bad? do you see the problem crash?

      • WrecktheHalls

        That sounds like what all San Diego thinks about Raiders fans…. that ALL of them are criminals!__when in fact, they obviously arent. __But going to Qualcomm OR Petco park isnt the greatest when you wear an opposing jersey because you have idiot cholo (gangster) fans who think that the Chargers or Padres care about them to the point where they fight over what jersey their wearing… pathetic.

  • Cynthia valadez

    I was right behind nick I was one of the charger fans that associated with him and his group. It was a good time till the people that was starting with nick to upset him ruined it. We were having a good time with nick n his group till they left. It wasn’t his fault..

  • BuziDebBee

    There are no stadium security people or SD Police in the pictures of this "incident". The guy who removed Lachey is his own "bodyguard" saving him. He was not thrown out of that game. He said that to save face after getting in a scuffle.

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