Hwy. 101 construction could kill businesses

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SOLANA BEACH, Calif. – The roads in Solana Beach are torn up and once thriving business are on life support.

Half a dozen small businesses in Solana Beach are in danger of closing and the owners are blaming the mile long construction project that has blocked access to shops.

“They never consulted with any of us and the city is costing us thousands of dollars in business everyday,” said Chris Tatum, owner of Solana Beach Do It Yourself Dog Wash.

Solana Beach roadway constructionThe project was designed to bring more walking traffic to the area, but the 15-month construction period could end as many as seven businesses.

At the receiving end of the complaints is Solana Beach City Manager Dave Ott.

“We knew there would be pain in the short term, but we are getting the project done faster than we thought,” said Ott.

Some small business owners told Fox 5 that they are working on a lawsuit.


  • pam reeder

    Thank you for the article!!

    As the owner of a small business on Hwy 101 in Solana Beach I can assure you it is much more than one business that will have to close down due to the construction project.

    I have had my business for 2 years and put all my life savings into opening it. We were doing great until this mess started. Our business is down between 50-70%!! As a 7 year Solana Beach resident as well as a business owner I have had to move out of the SB condo I have rented for 7 years and downsize to a 350 sq ft studio apartment to make ends meet and keep my business open.

    To start a project like this a week before the Del Mar race season and in the middle of the busy Summer season is a death sentence to all small business in a beach town who depend upon summer tourists.

    Now it is Christmas… our other most important season. As I write this I am standing in front of my store and I have seen no one working at all today

    which has been the situation almost every day.There is no traffic. Everyone knows to avoid Hwy 101.

    The City of Solana Beach does not seem to care at all. After several emails a few months ago all I got back finally was a form letter saying ” no time is a good time” and think how great it will be when its done… all the people this beautification project will bring in!

    Yes I am excited…I’m sure everyone will enjoy strolling past boarded up stores and restaurants that have gone out of business.

    I loved Solana Beach.Now I only wish I had opened my business in another town that cared about their residents and business owners.

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