Mother pit bull attacks man, boy

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A pit bull attacked a man and boy after her two 4-month-old puppies got loose and approached them, animal officials said.

SAN DIEGO – A man and a boy were bitten by a mother pit bull apparently guarding two puppies in Logan Heights Sunday, authorities said.

Multiple pit bulls reportedly attacked people just before 7 a.m. on the 2900 block of Franklin Avenue, a San Diego fire dispatcher said.

“Two people were injured, a child and the other was an adult,” the dispatcher said. “Both were taken to Mercy Hospital.”

The dispatcher said numerous neighbors witnessed the incident. Police secured the area before animal control arrived.

“Two 4-month-old puppies got loose and were playing and the mother followed after them,” Lt. Kalani Hudson of County of San Diego Department of Animal Services said. “The puppies ran out to interact with two passersby which caused the mother to become aggressive and bite the two passersby, who both received minor injuries.”

Hudson said all three dogs were impounded. Neither puppy bit anyone so they will be released to their owners.

“The mother pit bull will be held in quarantine for 10 days to observe for signs of rabies,” Hudson said.

Hudson said animal control will consider prior incidents of biting in determining whether further action needs to be taken in the wake of the dog attack.


      • les

        so maybe with this breed special requirements for ownership should apply? like keeping the bad dog raisers from having one?

        • Athena

          That is something to consider. Having a rescued Pit bull like I do I have learned she requires a lot of training and love and attention. Oh yeah that's with any dog.

      • Jaloney

        Illogical thinking. Its the breed. If it were the owners other dogs would be mauling, killing and disfiguring people at an equal rate but pitbulls have been the top maulers for decades that cause more human carnage than all other breeds combined. Other dogs adapt to life with humans. If it were the owners, all dogs would be mauling like this.. but they are not.. Denying the severity and the frequency of pitbull attacks is a worthless fight at this point. Yeah you could print out a fake study by the National Canine Research Council the propaganda machine run for and by pitbull advocates but people are not that stupid. . the public cannot be fooled any longer. They know that pitbulls are indeed more dangerous. If you are still in denial or grew up listening to the propaganda and lies you need to consider that you have been had. There used to be a lot of big name stars promoting cigarettes not too long ago and it took people a long time to accept that tobacco was dangerous too.

    • Sara

      If you've never interacted with a pitbull before, then you have no grounds to say that. I've owned many ptibulls before and they're just as good as any other breed however, if trained to FIGHT, they are dangerous but that is because of the owner's fault!

      • babba babba

        Ha! I LOVE answers like this. Okay everybody if you've never interacted with a pit bull you have no business expressing a negative opinion of pitbulls, especially in the comment sections of pit bull attack stories.

      • Jaloney

        Yeah I have interacted with many drunks and never been killed by a drunk driver so using your logic I have no right to say that drunk driving is dangerous and my personal good luck should be given as proof as a complete reality huh? Yeah right.. Its a numbers game. Not every pitbull will maul but noone can predict which ones will maul and it is IS A BIG FAT LIE that only pitbulls trained to fight FIGHT and MAUL. The families are always shocked when their loving pitbull suddenly attacks the kids. I guess some people THINK it can't happen to them.. Gambling with human life. So considerate and sane. NOT.

  • Jesús C.

    Yup it’s not the breed, the mother was doing what her instincts tell her to do… Minor injuries, deal with the owners not the dogs.

    • CarlisleH

      If the puppies were 4-months-old, as the article indicates, then they were already weaned and the mother dog would not have been protecting them. This is just typical pit bull behavior and the owners are attempting to say the dog was "protecting" puppies in order to gain sympathy and keep their land-shark from being put down. The owner of this monster should be prosecuted and the victims should find a personal injury attorney and sue for their injuries.

      • dj

        The dog is no monster and she was just trying to protect her puppies and don’t make up your own story if you don’t know anything !

      • Lisa M DVM

        Such an uneducated response to this post. This could have happened with any breed of dog, I am a veterinarian and I see more bite attacks from smaller dogs than any other breed. Not once have I had a case in which involved the attack of a pitbul. Don't let the media fool you, and for the record, the puppies were 2mths not 4mths, and at this stage they still rely on their mother for guidance.

          • Brendon

            You can't compare a pitbull to a collie, a terrier, or a dachshund because they're not even in the same size category. Stop being dramatic and stop being racist against a specific breed because they have a bad rep! Any dog can be dangerous if untrained and any mother (regardless of species) has a right to be protective of her young.

          • babba babba

            I hear ya Brendon. Never EVER compare pit bulls to any other breed of dog. That makes pit bulls look dangerous and that's not fair to pit bull owners!

          • Lisa M DVM

            Come talk to me when you have 8+ years of schooling followed by 15 years of experience owning your own practice working with all types of animals and I'll take into conisderation the point you're trying to make.
            Also, for the record, I haven't seen any deaths by a pitbull (hence the fact that I've never seen or personally heard of a pitbull attacking). Any dog can be aggressive! Including Collies, Terriers, AND Dachsunds. Funny how it only shows up on Fox 5 news or any other news station immediately once a pitbull attack happens.

            One of my colleagues was attacked by a Cocker Spaniel last week and it bit off half of her finger, but that sure didn't make the news!

            So I'm just going to leave it at, DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE!

          • Meals on Wheels

            Lisa M DVM,

            that's really odd, you must not live in Southern California. When I took my dog to be sewn up following being mauled by a pit bull, the vet told me he sees a case like mine DAILY. My dog died. At $2,000 dollars a pop, you DVM's have a real vested interest in siding with the team that says "it's all how you raise 'em". Not to mention, don't those pit bulls have higher rates of Parvo and Demodectic mange, and just how often do you get to put down dogs that are aggressive? $$$ Oh, and being a DVM doesn't make you an animal behaviorist or an expert on genetics either. Therefore, Ms. sanctimonious DVM, we Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public have as much a right to our opinions as thou.

            Some other non-animal behavior experts such as surgeons who sew up scalped people, insurance adjustors who write out six figure checks to pay for the medical care, and the City Hall who often pick up the tab when the owner of the pit bull can't be found or can't pay for the emergency services, well they have their opinions too. People who have lost their child, their pet, their face, well they have their opinions too.

            Maybe you need to talk to somebody who has experienced the D.N.A. first hand, it sounds like you need an education.

            Viva la freedom of speech, and while we are at it, the right for the pursuit of happiness of being able to walk down the street with out the real fear of being attacked by a pit bull.

            It took the lives of four children to have lawn darts banned. Surely by now, we are approaching the magic number of ENOUGH when it comes to these poor misunderstood pit bulls. Their owners and advocates seem to be the ones who don't understand them.

      • L H


    • Fed up in MD

      Holy crap you are an uneducated and unethical ass!! Read up on the history of this breed. They were seen as the "American dog" for many years – they were used by the Army as service dogs on the field of battle, passing messages and supplies to troops. They are used as service dogs for hospitals and for solders with PTSD. Billie Holiday, Helen Keller, the Little Rascals, etc all had them. Once upon a time, dobermans, german shepards, etc all had the same stereotype of viciousness – our country likes to go through phases of who to blame, except for the owner. It's ignorant pricks like you and Michael Vick that twist them into what media hype caters too. Shame on you!!

      ps. I saw two daschunds attack a jogger (resulting her bleeding, screaming and grabbing at her leg) a few weeks ago – talk with anyone who actually works with dogs… personality/behavior wise, the smaller dogs bite more than any pit bull.

      • babba babba

        They're fighting dogs. Period. They're a menace and should be kept in cages like captive wild animals until they die out. They were never known as the "American dog", you moron. You bought into the same b.s as the ones who go on and on about "nanny dogs".

        Enough of the garbage about witnessing killer dachshunds too please. We're not stupid.

        Vick used them the way they were bred to be used. Period.

  • Bully

    CarlisleH, you don't know what you're talking about? Have you ever owned the breed? I didn't think so; therefore you have no frame of reference for your opinions on what is "Typical pit bull behavior". You're just as bad as the person who allowed this story to run.

    • dj

      The Mother pitbull is a good dog she was just trying to protect them , and don’t be trying to start your own stories if you guys don’t know nothing .

    • Jaloney

      Pitbulls bully humans and pets more than any other breed and they do so even though they are given all the love and care that other pets adapt well, too. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Funny all of those folks put in prison cause their pitbull attacked someone did not Think their dog would do that either. Like bars much?

  • Team PitAFull

    Who was the authority to DNA these dogs to positively ID them as one of the "Pit Bull" breeds? Or was it just a couple of large dogs that attacked someone… SO IT HAD TO BE Pit Bulls?

    • Jaloney

      Well it is a hard for you to say you are from TEAM PitAFul as you can't idenitfy your own pitbull right? funny when ever they try to put down a pitbull all of you pitnutters come of the woodwork and suddenly can identify the dog breed quite easily. by the way, even if you threw out 2/3's of all pitbull attacks because of some freak determination that the wrong breed was attributed.. PITBULLS WOULD STILL BE THE LEADING KILLER.. so I guess you don't like to heed facts, right? Ya now cyanide is deadly but I guess you could drink it right.. cause you are so special it will never harm you..

  • les

    as I predicted all the not the breed posts but the owners?…..owners of the breed need to have a special license that requires training to own one….

  • mike

    funny, my friend is a postman who was attacked by a hunting dog, did that make the news??/ NO, but he has staples in his arm to show you ANY breed is dangerous if your not a responsible owner….

      • Alexis V.

        Right now, pitbulls are the most talked about dog in the news because of the sensational racism against the breed. Pitbulls used to be America's dog and it's such a shame that you'll never experience their goodness and loyalty, Les, because of how close minded you are. As everyone always says because it's the truth, it's not the breed, it's the owner.

      • Athena

        How many dog attack deaths have you seen from other breeds? They are not reported as sensationally as a pit bill attack. Do some real research before opening your mouth. The more popular the breed the more there are so then of course that would mean more incidents.

  • jean

    Pitbulls are the number 2 most people friendly dogs right behind golden retrievers. It is not the breed they are great dogs it is the way the owners raise them.

  • Anonymous

    Of course they would broadcast a negative story about Pitbulls but never a positive (which I have submitted suggestions for in the past). People are going to believe what they have been brainwashed to believe about Pitbulls.

  • Justin

    It is most definitely not the breed. Its the owner. Any breed can be raised to be vicious. Smaller breeds are more prone to bite, and anybody who went to school knows animals from humans to dogs from chomps to sparrows protect their young. Its called motherly instinct. As long as the pups stay with the mother that bond will be there. Correction the dog in the Little Rascals was an American Bulldog. A breed that was formed by mixing a Boxer and PitBull. Done to get the big head with the taller body. Unlike what people say pit bulls were not bred to fight, but to worker dogs hence them being Pitbull Terriers. Ignorance is and will be the death of this society as long as we have closed minded people willing to persecute anyone thing at the drop of a dime. Only reason you hear of PitBull attacks in the new is from all the bad media attention they got with the small amount of people who have helped in giving the breed a bad name. I know that tiny rat dogs bite more people daily than larger breed dogs you just don’t hear about it cause the the fucking runts are small but yet they can still do the same damage to a person especially a child. I have had two pit bulls male and female and they were the best behaved dogs I have had will not own any other breed.

  • Old Dog

    Very funny reading this, like Cats & Dogs going after a Mice.

    I totally agree with very few comments on this, but the rest of you coconut heads are just full of shed heads.

    Very simple, as a Parent seing a stranger close to my child ill be on a look out to protect my kids.

    Any breed, Animal or Human will do the same. So blame it on the handler not the animal. Treat your pets like you mean it. Educate them with watch good and bad cuz they’ll learn. I have a German Shepard and I think his a lot smarter than some of you stupid

    Shed head. Blaming it on the Pit Bull.

    Don’t get involve in having a pet if you don’t know how to care and educate them.

    • Jaloney

      Funny I had a female dog that had puppies and she never attacked anyone. She was fence jumper, too. Go figure.. Want to take a poll and see how many people know of female dogs that were moms that never attack people? Um.. all those dogs out there were born by mother dogs.. so again your arguments for the latest attack is just another big fat EXCUSE.

  • Jaloney

    The it's the owner not the breed mantra sounds logical but it's not. This repetitive slogan is illogical. Other dog breeds owned in much greater numbers have equal chances of getting neglectful and abusive owners, yet they adapt to human shortcomings and don't maul people or pets at anywhere near the rate that pitbulls do. Labs are routinely forgotten and chained in backyards and they are the most popular dog breed in America, Labs are not the top killers, pitbull are. Mortality, Maiming and Mauling by Vicious Dogs, Annals of Surgery, April 2011, is study of dog injuries in hospitals spanning the last 15 years. The study found that you have a more than 2500 times higher chance of dying if attacked by a pitbull. The statistics on pitbulls seriously harming people at a much higher rate than other dogs are overwhelming. You can't love out genes or untrain genes. Family owned and loved pitbulls can turn on a dime. If you believe that pitbulls are just like any other dog, and regurgitate the false "its the owner not the breed mantra" you might of believed the world was flat, too Just because something sounds good doesn't make it true.

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