Oceanside couple allegedly kept girl, 12, as sex slave

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Sex SlaveryOCEANSIDE, Calif. — An Oceanside couple is being held on suspicion of keeping an underage Mexican immigrant as a sex slave, forcing her into prostitution and beating her severely, San Diego County sheriff’s officials said.

Marcial Garcia Hernandez, 45, and Inez Martinez Garcia, 43, were arrested Thursday on suspicion of 13 felony counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under age 14.

The arrests were the result of a two-and-a-half-year “cold case” investigation into the victim’s allegations, sheriff’s Sgt. Joe Mata said.

The girl, now an adult, told investigators she was brought into the United States at age 12 with promises of a better life and education. However, she alleged that when she arrived at the suspects’ household, she was forced to care for their three young children and cook and clean their house under the threat of violence, including beatings, Mata said.

She was also allegedly forced to have sex with Hernandez over a 21-month period, Mata said. When she refused to have sex or did not complete her assigned tasks in a timely or correct manner, she was beaten, he said.

At one point, the victim had to lie about her age to work at a restaurant and Garcia allegedly took her wages, Mata said. She was later forced to have sex with older men for money, Mata said.

The victim was eventually placed in protective custody after she was allegedly beaten by Garcia and the police were called. She was then reunited with her family in Mexico.

The case was suspended while the victim was in Mexico but was reopened when she returned to the United States and came forward with her story, Mata said.

The North County Human Trafficking Task Force along with Vista sheriff’s deputies, Homeland Security investigators and Oceanside police arrested Garcia and Hernandez.

Both suspects were being held in the Vista Detention Facility on an immigration hold. They are due in court for an arraignment at 1:30 p.m. Monday, according to jail records.



  • James Everett

    This is what America has become due to economic reasons, the abuse of children. That couple should be given the maximum penalty allowed, and the husband be castrated..

    • Michael

      I have to agree 100%. I’ll personally castrate the husband free of charge. I’ll save California some tax dollars, to imprison this piece of sh1t!!

  • Justin

    Any man or woman who beat a child and sexually abuse a child should be put to death as a father myself I would kill any man who hurt my two daughters with out a second though.

  • Chuck

    Killing anyone without giving it a second thought shows a certain lack of control. I hope you do not harm someone in your impulsive moments.
    No, I am not defending these people, they are despiccable, but you are not thinking much either.

    • Marilyn

      Chuck I do not have trouble controlling myself at all but in a situation where I caught someone hurting my kids or grand kids I very possibly could kill that person and walk over their dead body without batting an eyelash. A person never knows what they might do unless they are put in that situation.

      • chuck

        you show no true ability to think clearly. You wrongly judge me, and that's the problem here, with acting out with "no second thought".

  • SUE

    I can kill someone who abuses/beats/rapes a child with out a second thought. Its not lack of control-its lack of sympathy for people who abuse children. There is no excuse for what these people did.

    • mom

      I agree. We need to protect all children from scum like them. Why dont we have a clear cut justise system like the days where wed just hang em. What they get 4 yrs then they are out, and repeat the story! Thabk God she was saved but she she will be forever scard! Good for her to come back and put her foot down on them! They are disgusting. I hope there children werent rapped by them too. Poor things ill pray they dont grow like there scum parents. We should be like texas in this aspect in everyway!

  • Justin

    You are obviously not a parent, or if you are don’t take the fact that when they are small like mine are, your their only source of protection serious. As for a lack of self control, no that’s where you’re wrong. I have perfect self control. I am not an angry or impulsive person. Yet the safety and well being of my children supercedes that of mine and I will die or kill to keep them safe. No matter what. Does that make me a bad person no, that makes me a good father. I have two girls, and when not working i am the one home with them due to the fact that you have fucking weirdo’s like this out there, and babysitters who will slam an infant into a wall cause they won’t stop crying. I don’t trust anybody with my children except the few family and friends that I am around on a regular basis. Even then they are with me.

    Not to mention the state of California would never convict a mother or father of murder in the self defense of the children.

    • tmj

      ditto to all that! but i hate to say it…ellie nessler??? she killed her son's molester, shot that fool after the court acquitted him. since she did it in court, she was convicted. was only released when she had cancer and died 2 months later. her son also had a sad life, was killed in his early 20's. that molester ruined that whole family. but the court WILL convict a parent. just dont kill the molester in court.

  • russ

    its not what we would do, i'm still trying to figure out why they are being held in imigration hold, where they here legally????

      • mom

        They should still take them to the chambers here, before returning the bodys. Bc they did it once they’ll do it again garanteed. Sad but true, its like that show dangerous atractions or what ever its called.

  • Justin

    Yes I am sorry to say if you do so after the fact, here in this state you will be convicted, especially if done in the court room. The self defense law states it has to be done while in the act, and you’re fear for your life or that of your children. Case in point, Oceanside recently some man tries climbing into a families home through the little daughters bedroom window, if that was my house sorry, you would be shot, I don’t know what you intentions are and those are my children you in their room and I don’t know you and its late at night. Thats an automatic death sentence. People in the state are too scared or worried about the repercussions of defending their families especially in public. I have had to and because of that had the cope called and when the police heard what I did they patted me on the back, and left with the other person in custody. People need to learn and know their rights as human beings, if it comes down to my Childs life or safety or that of the fucking weirdo’s life sorry but the pedophile piece of shit has to go.

    Next case in point, even if you can’t defend your child at the point when it happens do not worry. These same weirdo’s when convicted get beat up almost every day in prison, if not stabbed to death in California State Prisons. So either way it comes full circle for them.

  • Jeff

    Just another immigrant doing the jobs that Americans don't want to do; in this case being beaten and raped. Guess she should have stayed in Mexico!

    • mom

      No i think you misunderstood me. In california in order to have ppl like this arrested you need to stay for the entire triel or they threw away the case. Same for if an imigrant whole rapes or kills someone in cali they bring them back if they fled back to there country to the states for legal action. I hope this made better sence? ;)

  • Non-Redneck

    Wow. All of you are assuming they did what the police said they did. Do you assume everything someone writes about someone else is true?

      • anonymous

        If it’s the cop yes? You know how stupid you sound? Go ahead believe everything that’s on the news not everything these people say is true, they add more shit for people’s attention that’s there job. What makes you so sure they actually did what their being accused of ?

  • Gene

    It is sad that so many people go right to an evil side of this story. My thoughts and prayers go to that young woman, who by the way, obviously had to be very brave to come back to the US in order to pursue justice.

  • teremist

    Let us hope that through the course of this investigation, the bio children of this couple are interviewed to see if they were also victims. Any man who would do this to a little girl has other victims out there. May they both die slow and hard in prison if they are guilty.

  • jose enchilada taco burrito gomez

    I don’t like Mexicans they’re dirty, but without them you would have to mow your own lawn and pick your own fruit. Just proof there is no god and if I’m wrong he just plain hates you…it really should be legal to shoot Mexicans who don’t obey us.

    • anonymous

      Your stupid did you honestly just say all that? With thoughts like that what makes you better then the people that are being accused? Your probably just another dumbass racist, your comment is just plain stupid ” Mexicans are dirty” really? How old are you ? You have the mind set of a 12 year old

  • anonymous

    Most of you people are ignorant and racist just because they are Mexican you have to say all these racist things about them?
    You guys don’t even know the real story to be judging and saying all these bad things about them. Before you start talking and judging get to know the real story behind this.case and get to know the real side of the girl that was supposly rapped. Don’t
    talk of you don’t know and just hearing this on the news doesn’t make you an expert on knowing the background of the story.

  • Juan Reynoso

    I am in favor of punishment for any crime in violation of human rights of any one specially , woman labor slavery, human trafficking, sex slavery, child trafficking and slavery for any purpose. Any abuse of woman should be investigate to the fullest and punish for not less than 20 years in jail.

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