Dog shot after attacking probation officer

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SAN DIEGO – A law enforcement officer was injured Tuesday night after being attacked by a dog in Linda Vista, police said.

Probation officers were in the 2500 block of Comstock Street to check on a parolee when an officer was bitten by a dog, San Diego Police Department officials said.  The dog was shot by an officer.

The dog died at the scene, SDPD said.  The breed of the dog was not disclosed.

Paramedics transported the injured officer to a local hospital.

No details regarding what provoked the dog to attack the officer was immediately released.


  • GaNeane Lewis

    This is across the street from my house. Never in life will I forget the sound that dog made after the shot was fired. Never in life will I forget seeing the boy who lived there crying uncontrollably over seeing his dog killed.

    The adults in this house who tried to hide from the police and then sent a child to answer the door need to really think how their choices have affected their children. The dog thought it was defending its family…and lost its life because of it. My heart goes out to this young man.

  • Beran

    Does it matter what breed or are they just licking their chops hoping it was a Pit Bull so they can put a bad rap on that breed?

  • Tim

    i am the Hugest Supporter of Law enforcement but could we please teach our officers to use a stun gun or some pepper spray before resulting in Murdering a kids pet….. dogs of all sizes can be easily neutralized with bear mace……..hell if it works on a 1,200 pound Grizzly BEAR i am quite sure it would work on a 100 pound dog…… its almost embarrassing they need to use a gun on a dog…. Canadian cops and Alaska cops and Michigan cops would NEVER resort to discharging a Firearm and sending a bullet flying with people near by for a puny dog attack …….it's just embarrassing and extremely dangerous. The safety of the officer can easily be maintained with less lethal means with out Emotionally Permanently Scarring the mind of a Child or risking a Ricocheted Bullet hitting a bystander.

  • Doug K

    The article didn't say anything about a pit bull so don't pull the pity card on that one.

    Until you have been attacked by a dog you shouldn't criticize our cops for their reaction. Do you have personal knowledge of procedures for Canadian, Alaskan and Michigan law enforcement departments? Pretty naive statement to make with no facts to back it up. The neighbor across the street says even said it was the owners that hid from Probation and let a child answer the door. Time for dog owners to take personal responsibility.

  • Tim

    in regards to Doug's inaccurate assumptions…… I am a Former Marine and Small Arms instructor and Taught engagement tactics and firearms to the Michigan State Police and Special Forces Groups in the past….i personally have on several occasions, avoided using a firearm on a dog during combat and in one situation quickly subdued a Large German Shepherd Guard dog with My Bare hands overseas during operations where making noise at the time was not an option for the safety of the mission…… In regards to perps actions firing off a bullet near homes should always be a absolute LAST resort . and just to Reenforce my earlier statement…… a bullet could easily bounced off bone and change direciton hitting kids or anyone near by…….and then this would be an even more horrible story then it already is. SDPD needs to seriously Take a hard look at their training issues to avoid this before they send another bullet down range and possibly create a 100 Million dollar wrongful Death law suit that the San Diego Tax payers would be on the hook for. Train safe Train often. Semper Fi

  • Concerned

    What part of the fact that "an officer was injured" did we not read? Sorry for the boy living there for a multitude of reasons including losing his beloved pet as it was probably the only decent bond he had. Where do you go with "be interesting to see how the probation dept treats the involved officers?" REALLY????? Be interesting to see what you would do if the dog had you by the groin!

    • Guest

      Anytime an officer has to use their firearm, whether on an animal or human, there are psychological issues and legal issues that come about. The reason G. Cole made this statement is the Probation Department does not have a good history of treating their officers well at all and this was a new situation for them of an officer using their firearm in the line of duty, so it was interesting to see if they would treat the officer appropriately or immediately go to hysterics about dis-arming the officers and disciplining the officer involved without doing an investigation.

  • Justin

    First and foremost its the owners fault raising a dog that would attack anybody, it could have been anyone who got attacked by this dog it just so happened to be a cop. Second why would the probation department be checking on a parolee. I am a former parolee, and I had a parole officer who is part of CDCR. They wear jackets that read Parole Agents, not probation. As for the lames that put their child in harms way, should in fact have the kid taken away. As for the dog any breed of dog can be trained to attack. If anybody should be held responsible for this its the adult owner of the dog. I will say bear mace works but what happens if you have a dog who locks on your arm, like a pit can and is able then shooting is the only way to avoid further damage. Sorry about the kids lose, but a child shouldn’t be around a dog like that. Stop placing blame on the cops and place the blame where it lays, in the laps of the adults in that house.

    • Ron

      sorry you make sense a little but you are an ex convict so who wants to read your silly boring paragraph… so go steal something and stay off the comment site

  • Joe

    Good job officers….they forgot to mention that is a bad area and gang members live in that area.the kid was probably a gang member himself.

  • Joe

    I live down the street and no child lives at that house.a young adult gang member lives there, hence the probation officers going to this house often…so please stop using a “child” lived there.get your facts right.And when a dog attacks you no bear hands can subdue a large dog so please get over yourself military guy.

    • JC May

      Truly agree…The Officer was bitten by the groin and not by a pitbull, but by a rottweiler…

      P.S. Concerned Citizen: Yes, the Officer is doing well.

  • wow

    hope the officer is okay… and excuse me "former marine" they were just doing their job… do u seriously think probation is trained to strong arm dogs? and get the facts straight.. the officers peppered sprayed the dog first and did not shoot the dog until he was latched on to the officers groin. wait till a dog latches on to you nut sack and try to strong arm him then??? probation was there doing a compliance check as they always do..the teen is a gangster … the owner should have secured that vicious dog before opening the door…

    • LE Member

      As for the officer, thanks for being on the right team and trying to protect the community that my family lives in. I love what we do and I am grateful for the opportunity. I am sorry you had to deal with such an attack, but I am glad you are okay. See you back on the battle field.

  • Sarah

    First off my father was a witness to this whole thing as he lives right next door and was sitting on the pouch when all this happened. Second the parents were NOT home at the time so how could they be hiding in the house, and the kid was on probation. The dog sneaked out between the kids legs and attacked the officer and bit him and broke the skin. According to my father he saw one of the officers spray something at the dog but the dog kept lunging resulting in the shooting.

  • Justin

    Your right I am an ex con, but I have turned my life around full circle. Everyone deserves a second chance, and you just showed how closed minded you are by saying that nobody wanted to read my comment anyways. I did my time, and now I own my own business doing lawn care and raising my daughters in the same area, Linda Vista. You have most likely done something against the law yet just weren’t caught. So before you make dumb ass remarks take a look at yourself. For it is said you can not judge your brother when you yourself have a plank in your eye.

    • LE Member

      Justin, way to go on turning your life around. :-) It is a tough journey but I have seen some AMAZING success stories. Not everyone makes it, but there are some who do and I will continue to root for those who are TRYING. May your landscaping business prosper and your children grow up into responsible successful adults, and may you enjoy the fullness of joy that God provides! Sounds like you are in a good place so keep your footing even when it gets rough. Don’t let such ignorance get even a moment of rise out of you. Let your anger be righteous (always). Blessings to you!

  • Ron

    Justin every convict says they are law abiding until they are back in prison. I'll see you back at the prison because you will be back like they all will. Your not caught yet but you will.

    • LE Member

      Ron, you are as ignorant as they get with such shallow comments. I work in LE and even I would not stoop so low and be so cruel. Our goal is to “protect” the community and keep it safe. The best way we can EVER accomplish that is to see criminal lives/minds transformed into law abiding citizens. You will pay a price for such a wicked heart, whether you grow old and lonely on this earth or when you stand before the Lord in eternity.

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