Boy collects blankets to comfort shelter dogs

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SAN DIEGO – A 12-year-old boy with a big heart is giving up his Christmas presents this holiday season to help man’s best friend.

For the past two weeks, Kaden Rutherford of Carlsbad went to thrift shop after thrift shop collecting as many blankets as he could.  He spent his allowance money on comfortable blankets to help keep hundreds of pooches warm this winter.

“Some of these blankets are really soft,” said Rutherford.  “We are dropping off a 110 blankets today.”

He got the idea two months ago.  Rutherford lost his beloved dog, a 1-year-old black-and-white Shih Tzu named Suki.

“We had some friends dog-sitting, and she put her in the back yard, and 10 minutes later she wasn’t back there anymore,” said Rutherford.

Rutherford and his mom searched everyday but Suki was never found.  It wasn’t until he searched one of the Humane Society’s, Rutherford noticed something he didn’t like.

“I would notice that the dogs wouldn’t share the blankets so they would sleep on the concrete,” said he.  “I asked my mom if I could buy some blanket,s and that’s when I took all my money out of my safe and my big crayon full of money.”

As of Tuesday, Rutherford has spent around $500 on blankets for the pooches.

“It makes me proud of him that he has compassion for animals at the Humane Society that don’t have homes,” said his mother Kedda Rutherford.

Humane Society and SPCA Director Michelle Quigley said this is the first time a young boy has shown such generosity.

“We were all in tears when we were talking about it in our staff meeting,” said Quigley.  “This will really allow for the extra comfort.  The dogs have access to inside heat but this really will provide the extra comfort and it will feel like home.”

As for Rutherford, he plans to raise enough money over the holidays so every dog has a warm blanket.

“We aren’t the only ones that need to be warm over the winter, the dogs needs to be warm and hopefully they will find a new home,” said Rutherford.

To help Rutherford, donated blankets can be dropped off at either Ranch and Sea Realty location:

  • 2963 Carlsbad Boulevard  Carlsbad, CA 92008
  • 316 Mission Avenue  Oceanside, CA 92054


  • Jessie

    We need more young men in the world like this one. What a heart of gold. I'd like to donate. And I'd like to get him something for Christmas as well!

  • Kelsey Nielsen

    Wow! Restores my faith in Humanity. What an amazing boy and wonderful parents he must have to raise such a wonderful child!

  • Kedda Rutherford

    Kaden is such an inspiration and I am so proud to call him my son. Thank you for all your nice comments. Please donate to your local humane societies and adopt a shelter dog instead of buying one at a pet store or from a breeder. AND PLEASE SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS.

    • Windee

      Kedda what you and your family have done is so amazing. They say you can't save all the animals in the world, but you have made a HUGE difference to hundreds of them. Thank you for all you do. Zelda thanks you more then you will ever know,

  • Jeanelle

    This is wonderful! Animals always go unnoticed, and your son's compassion is inspiring. Definitely gonna dig up some old blankets and towels and stop by sometime soon! :)

  • lauren

    My husband and I move tomorrow but any blankets we have that we dont need I will be running over to the humane society for you Kaden!

  • Meghan Everitt

    Awesome!!!! Love when good people & news are reported!! Kaden is an outstanding kid that was raised with obvious compassion & love. So proud to know him!

  • TC in cold VA

    I'm reading this from 3,000 miles away and I'm moved to tears too! What a beautiful soul this child has. And yes, credit to his parents! I am also moved to action and will call our humane society to see if the dogs here could use some blankets for these cold winter months. Kindness breeds more kindness! Go Kaden!

  • Dennis R. Gafter

    As I write this I have tears in my eyes. Wow what a guy! Are monetary monetary donations being accepted? If so, please advise as to how one may be made.

    • Kedda

      The address to send a monetary donation to Kaden Rutherford is

      Kaden Rutherford
      3460 Marron Rd
      suite 103-212
      Oceanside ca 92056

      Thank you
      Kedda Rutherford

  • Jennifer

    You Rock Kaden! An inspiration to me and I'm 52 years old! I'll bring some blankets to the address listed above. I agree with your mom………spay-neuter-adopt!

  • Aimee

    That was such a generous thing for you to do Kaden. Young folks like yourself are truly a blessing. I mean look, your idea touched so many hearts and is helping the animals way more than you know. Thank you for being you.

  • tania

    WOW, what a wonderful young man. Kudos to the parent for raising a fine young biy. We need more kids like this in the world!

  • Kedda

    Please donate. There is 2 addresses above for a drop off place for blankets and towels and not yet a single article has been dropped off. Please San Diego we need your help. The animals at the shelter need your help


    I am gathering blankets for Kaden as well….please everyone…post to your freinds on facebook and collect them…every little bit helps. If you live in North San Diego County let me know and I will pick up your donations. Also be on the lookout for his dog Suki who is lost. /label DOG BLANKETS.

  • Kedda

    People have asked for an address to send donations,gifts,or letters . Here is the address

    Kaden Rutherford
    3460 Marron Rd
    Suite 103-212
    Oceanside , ca 92056

    Also, there are several drop off locations added

    Petsmart. On Marron rd in Oceanside
    Kahoots . On El Camino Real and Marron Rd (in the sprouts shopping center) in Carlsbad

    Please check the UT SAn DIego for the full list.

    Thank you

  • kedda

    Dear Friends. As Im sure you know by now my son Kaden is doing a blanket drive for all the animal shelters here in San Diego county. Monday 11/26/12 we dropped off 110 blankets to the Oceanside shelter and Sunday 12/2/12 150 blank
    ets to the Gaines Street shelter.And 50 blankets to the the Encinitas shelter on 12/7/2012. He still has 6 shelters to go so if you have any clean unwanted blankets and/or towels you would like to donate please contact me through here or you can send your donations to
    Kaden Rutherford
    3460 Marron Rd
    Suite 103-212
    Oceanside , ca 92056
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate. Thank You

  • Kris

    A great job Kudos to the boy…. Im sure now the adults will want to buy blankets for Humans who are cold this winter.

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