Parents break traffic rules in school zones

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  • Jane

    I was thoroughly disgusted last night when I saw this broadcast. The woman in the white van who thought it was cool to have her daughter and herself cheer as she drove off was appalling. That woman should be ashamed of herself, not just as a human being but as mother. The rules are in place to keep the children safe, including her own children. What a great role model she is.

  • Debra

    why doesnt the police write tickets? They should the city need the money the who better to pay than people who think that rules do not apply to them..

  • Jane

    My child attends an elementary school in the Del Mar school district and no matter how many emails go out to the parents about safe drop off and pick up policies, many parents ignore them. At my child’s school, the gate to the kindergarten classrooms is first and parents will pull their car up to that gate and let their kids off. Total disregard to the empty spaces up front. This then causes a jam and then parents are letting their kids out of the car at an unsafe zone. Also, parents are not using the crosswalks. A lady and her child darted out in front of my car for what? Just to save a few extra seconds??

  • Jim

    Lets all understand that when these schools were built, kids WALKED TO SCHOOL. Now, everyone is on such a time frame that everyone drives and needs every second. In front of my kids elementary, parents block the street, load in the middle of the traffic lane, double park, park in the red etc.

    Schools NEED TO MAKE TRAFFIC LOOPS and passenger boarding areas. I see empty parking lots for teachers that have signs "No Drop Off" which pushes that load out into the street.


  • Megan

    We have a "traffic loop", however parents starts showing up an hour before school gets out and park there and sit and wait. As more parents show up, they line the whole loop, out to the street, park in red zones and block cars that are parked as well as cars that are driving by. We also have a number of families from a certain ethnic group that pile way too many kids into one vehicle and none of them wear seatbelts. They sometimes drive away with their door still open. It's ridiculous.

  • gsk

    because parents nowdays have this hoorah for me attitude,im more important than any one else and i can do as i want regardlees of rules or common courtesy.and now you know why we have some many kids with behavior problems.they are raised in this selfish manner and there fore thats how they interact with others.forest gump said stupid is as stupid does!!!!!

  • Dana

    We just moved here. I can not believe how bad drivers are. Especially in school zones. I have seen speeders, people eating, talking on the phone, reading while driving etc. This is crazy. There is a speed limit around schools for a reason. It only takes a second or blink of an eye for something very bad to happen. Where has the common sense gone. It would be a real good idea for police to hang around school zones.

    • Jeff

      Welcome to the results of the ME, ME, ME generation. One major reason I left California. Too many self-centered people.

  • Dennis Bolitho

    Working with 5th grade school Safety Patrol for 20+ years, I share all the frustrations seen here. I tried every approach I could think of, yet parents still did what they wanted to do. And what lessons are they teaching their children?! I'm sure if a child of one these parents were hurt, they would complain the loudest about school safety policies. Great story–thanks!

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