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  • E.J. Mockln

    Appears to me that California would be a swing state in the Presidential Election process due to the time difference with later poll closures and number of electoral votes, which are 55.

  • Bill

    Well now the Mexicans will get AMNESTY because OBAMA made that Deal !!

    Also because that Black A-HOLE has too many People with Endless $$$$$$$$$ in their Bank accounts .

    Now USA will probably go down the HOLE of Darkness forever !!

    I am now Crying inside ,, I asked GOD Almighty to help USA ,, but I guess USA has become too EVIL and GOD has given up trying to help us .

    I really can NOT !! believe that AMERICANS are so STUPID !! as to re=elect this Black ASSHOLE again !!

    Especially after all the BAD things he has Done or let be done to AMERICA .

    Now I guess my Social Security will be lost and I will probably take a few more pills than I need just to enter the Endless Sleep so I can Escape the Horrible Future or our USA .

  • Joe Neubarth

    Bill is obviously mentally ill. Sadly, if the Republiscams do not stop their blockeage of any bill to put Americans back to work they can continue to keep the economy of the United States a Shambles. The block of a jobs bill in Congress for the past two years was what swayed a lot of people to vote for Obama. You reap what you sew.

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