Zombies attack in San Diego… sort of

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SAN DIEGO – Military, law enforcement and medical personnel responded to a zombie attack in San Diego Wednesday. Well, sort of.

A “zombie apocalypse” training exercise took place at Paradise Resort. It is part of a counterterrorism summit hosted by San Diego-based security firm Halo Corp. It runs from Oct. 29- Nov. 2.

While the exercise is all in good fun, organizers said the purpose behind it is completely serious. The zombie attack is just a fun way to represent real potential dangers.

“They can be a roving band of civil unrest,” said Brad Barker, Halo Corp. “Or somebody jacked up on some kind of psychotropic drug unable to be rationalized with. Or it could be somebody that, even when you try to use some type of less lethal force, they still might come at you in an almost supernatural way.”

In the training scenario, a military team is working in a third world village when a zombie apocalypse takes place. Military crews work to get people to safety, while fighting off the zombies. Medical personnel are called in to treat the wounded and also decontaminate those infected by the zombies.

The company Strategic Operations put together the attack, which demonstrates the importance of preparedness for any situation.

“Just like we’ve seen with Hurricane Sandy,” said Kit Lavell, Strategic Operations. “The preparedness really pays off when everybody who is a first responder knows exactly what they’re doing. That’s the purpose of this. In this case here it’s a chemical, biological event.”

Organizers said the zombie attack gave everyone attending the conference a chance to enjoy Halloween, while still taking what they’re learning and applying it.



  • Look Deeper

    I noticed Datron is one of the sponsors…

    "Datron Scout Provides Real-Time Video and Photography to Assist in Recovery and Management Efforts for Chemical Train Derailment."
    *It doesn't take much imagination to wonder if an aerosol-variant of 'bath salts' deployed as a train accident could produce this highly elaborate scenario.
    It would go a long way to explain why we see some of the wounds depicted, and why even police and friendly soldiers are being fired upon.

  • Living Dead

    Hmmm, now what could they possibly be preparing for? Civil Unrest ? Yeah, if you fire the first shot. I'm with the government, and I'm here to help you…

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