Your Sisters Sister

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your sistersMark Duplass usually does his own mumblecore pictures, but in writer/director Lynn Shelton’s little film, he’s struggling with the loss of his brother and a relationship that went south. His best friend is played by Emily Blunt, who is often blunt with him when it comes to what he should say and do. And what she tells him to do is go to an island in the Pacific Northwest so he can clear his head, read, and ride a bike around. Nobody expected her sister, played by Rosemarie Dewitt, to be hanging around. She recently got out of a seven-year relationship with another woman. They have a night of drinking and sex, and Blunt decides to show up the next morning (I figured a spoiler alert wasn’t needed, as they showed these things in the commercials).

Perhaps this movie wouldn’t have worked as well if it were three actors sitting around a table; but Ben Kasulke’s gorgeous cinematography of the San Juan Islands make this an enjoyable trip to experience.

The very talented actors are given credit for adding to the dialogue, in scenes which were often improvised. Often times that style doesn’t work, but it felt believable here.

Duplass never goes over the top as a slacker or sad sack. He can be interesting and charming.

The love and bond between the two sisters is great, although a few of their conversations could’ve been done better.

There’s chemistry between everyone in this indie rom-com, and it makes me give the predictable scenes a pass.

The film was shot in two weeks. You’d think if three people are going to a cabin in the woods and there’s a small budget, they’d end up being beat up and killed. In this, it was only the bicycle and condom that were.

This gets 3 ½ stars out of 5.