Top 10 of 2010

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top 10 Kids All Right

…and the number one movie of the year is….US!

This year gave us Kick-Ass, but very few movies that did.

Every year movie critics do their 10 best lists. They always claim it was a bad year for films. This truly did seem like one of the weakest years I can recall.

It was another year of sequels and remakes, and yanking anything from the 80s; not just bad TV shows (A-Team), but even video games (Tron); and some movies that were love letters to the 80s (Easy A and Hot Tub Time Machine, both provide lots of laughs).

So what are my favorite films of the year? Here they are. Slap them on your Netflix cue or peruse the Red Box next time you go to the store.

10. Winter’s Bone. Sometimes realistic people that torture you, like the folks in Deliverance or the ones in this movie, are scarier than a guy wielding a chainsaw. The most shocking ending to a film all year.

9. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. Woody Allen seems to pump out a movie a year. They may not be Annie Hall’s, but this underrated gem was so much better than overrated Vicky Cristina Barcelona from the year before.

8. Toy Story 3. If you’re one of the 15 people on the planet that didn’t see it in the theatre, rent it and make the whole family happy.

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. A success at Comic Con, a flop in theatres. Unfortunately, it’ll lose a lot on the small screen.

6. Easy A. I’m certain I’ll be the only critic that mentions Hot Tub Time Machine and Easy A in my “best of” list this year. Don’t hate on teen comedies if they’re good.

5. City Island. Andy Garcia might be the biggest name in the movie, and it’s unfortunate that he’s not a name that gave this movie the box office numbers it deserved.

4. Ghost Writer. It pains me to have to put a Roman Polanski movie on the list. 2010 should’ve been the year we put Polanski on the Top 10 Famous Prisoners list. The movie is that good.

3. The Social Network. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) lookalike Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zucherberg, and basically does take on the world. And one not so evil ex.

2. The Square. This is a movie the Coen Brothers wish they made. It blows their debut film out of the water. The best crime drama I’ve seen in years (even if the accents are hard to follow sometimes).

And the number one movie of the year….

The Kids Are All Right. I saw it at a press screening, and ended up paying to see it two more times with friends. Be careful you don’t rent The Who documentary with the similar name.

If my boss would’ve given me an extra pick, I might’ve gone The Extra Man or Inception.

Sorry MacGruber fans. We’ll have to wait for next year to see what lame Saturday Night Live character gets a movie.