Nuit #1

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nuitCanadian Anne Emond went from writing short films to this, her big screen directing debut. She scored with two appealing leads (Dimitri Storoge, Catherine de Lean). Unfortunately, it just comes across as an X rated version of My Dinner with Andre. It could’ve been called My Sex with Clara.

Clara and Nikolai don’t have one of those meet cute moments you see in American romantic comedies. This is a French film. They meet at a rave, and quickly go to Nikolai’s apartment for half an hour of sex in every conceivable position (which is the reason it wasn’t rated, or it would be an X).

The lovers end up talking. And talking. And talking…before having a little more sex, and talking some more. The v-word in this bedroom – verbosity!

Sometimes they are clever in their conversations. Other times you think it might get interesting as they share their deepest secrets.

Nikolai is a loafer, who can’t even finish a book. Clara is a grade school teacher, who spends her nights getting wasted at raves and going home with strangers.

When Clara tries leaving a few times, I thought of how the couples in Gods of Carnage would be close to making an escape, before being drawn back in for more conversations.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Before Sunrise, but at least those characters were more likable and interesting.

There was a premise here that could’ve worked. Some clumsy sex (when they stop for protection or a pee break), conversations you might not normally have with a one-night stand. Yet there are other times this goes down familiar territory. It seems we’ve had so many movies that have couples talk about what the future will or won’t be, if they stay together. I always think that comes across like a film project at NYU.

Ultimately, it’s like Last Tango in Paris…but without Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider.

And even that was an overrated movie.

This gets 1 ½ stars out of 5.