Welcome to the Riley’s

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welcome to the riley’sIf you want to see Welcome to the Riley’s, you better hurry. It won’t be playing at the La Jolla Landmark much longer.

I was glad I caught this movie, which is about an unhappy married couple. Well, you assume they’re unhappy. He smokes cigarettes in the garage and occasionally cries (and not just after losing $1,000 in a poker game).

She stays in bed reading and…well, she stays in the house. She hasn’t left since their teenage daughter died.

The plot thickens when a stripper/prostitute is taken under their care.

The three actors in these roles are great. There’s Kristen Stewart – in a daring performance – but with the same pouting she brings to all her movies.

James Gandolfini has a southern accent and is a lot of fun to watch in a low-key performance.

There’s also Melissa Leo, who got an Oscar nomination for a great role in Frozen River a few years ago, and who keeps knocking it out of the park with performances this year.

She’s great in The Fighter, and wonderful in this.

It’s a shame that the movie is predictable and underwritten.

Oh, and speaking of writing…I’m wondering why the screenwriter had Stewart continually call her private parts her “cooter.” I would’ve thought that laughter when this movie tested for audiences would’ve been a bad thing, not a good one.

I often thought of other movies that had similar themes that I liked much more (the most similar being Black Snake Moan).

The first 45 minutes I enjoyed, but at almost two hours, the movie becomes a tad repetitive and you start to really analyze how unbelievable it all is.

The welcome mat at the Riley’s gets a pretty dirty, with lots of gross stuff wiped on it.

Director Jake Scott (son of Ridley) did an okay job on his first feature film. Perhaps the editing wasn’t up to snuff, but he made you really care for these people.

I’m giving it a C-.

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