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heartlessJim Sturgess, who first caught my attention playing Paul McCartney in the fun musical Across the Universe, does great in this horror/suspense film.

He’s a young man with a birthmark on his face. This has made him lonely, shy, and he hides behind a huge camera. When he snaps photos of the graffiti and crime that seems to have escaladed in his East London town (does Harry Brown live there?), he finds out the hard way that it’s not just thugs. There are a pack of demons killing, vandalizing, and screeching like jaguars.

That sounds corny, but it’s actually got some very scary scenes and a spooky mood is created nicely.

The movie is filled with a great cast of European actors I like, and Sturgess does a fine job carrying the load; even singing a few songs on the soundtrack. Hey – writer/director Philip Ridley has the young McCartney, why not use him?

And speaking of Ridley, this is his first movie in 14 years. It’s a shame that it loses its way with a sloppy and confusing third act.

I was sent this film, and it was sitting on my desk for a week. When I was late for a movie with a few friends the other night, we decided to see this since it was just starting. I’m glad we did. They all liked it, and the scary scenes surely shock you more in a dark theatre with a great sound system.

There are some great special effects — the faces of the demons as they attack; a character that peels off the burned skin from his body; a heart that’s cut out of a person while he’s still alive – hey, that makes the movies title that much cooler, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to have sympathy for one character that sells his soul to the devil. And I have problems with the movies logic. If a deal is made with the devil, why is he allowed to change the dynamics of it?

If you’re a fan of horror films, you really need to see this at the theatres. It’s a mixed bag on whether or not others will enjoy it.

I’m giving it a C-.

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