Chrissy Russo

Chrissy Russo


Chrissy_russoChrissy Russo is an American born journalist, meteorologist, show host, producer for Fox 5 San Diego. She practices the Israeli form of self-defense called Krav Maga and publically advocates it. Chrissy is well-known for being a natural on air with an energetic and dynamic delivery style.  She is a hard working team player in the newsroom and in the field.  She has a long history of credibility and integrity with her sources.

From being a beat reporter, news anchor, Padres pregame show reporter, FOX national correspondent for New Year’s Eve show to a meteorologist and traffic anchor, Chrissy has worked in the business since 1996.

What’s on your iPod? Songs to run by depending on my mood. If it’s Sunday morning, it’s Beatles. If it’s a weekday (after work) it’s Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin something that gets me back to my Southern roots.

Which professional sport would you play and why? Soccer. It’s legal to slide tackle on the field. Every time I do it to people in the grocery store or at the mall the cops show up.

If you were not in TV news, what profession would you choose? I can’t even imagine.

What’s something that no one knows about you?  That I still wear my retainers at night. And sometimes, when I’m jogging, I fantasize about old rescues I went on 15 years ago as a Virginia Beach lifeguard. It makes me train harder to think someone is drowning and I have to go save them. Sham wow.

Dinner for 5, who would you invite? (Dead or alive) David Duchovny, UT columnist Tim Sullivan, Julie Foudy, Gandhi and My dog Sally.

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