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  • Cynthia Cdebaca was seen celebrating the death of Geoward Eustaquio during a video testimony played in court.

    Grandma accused of killing son-in-law celebrated during testimony

    VISTA, Calif. — A Fallbrook woman accused of killing her son-in-law told detectives she planned his murder two weeks before it happened. Prosecutor told jurors Thursday that Cynthia Cdebaca shot and killed Geoward Eustaquio the morning of February 11, 2014. Then, they played a video of her admitting it. Cdebaca told detectives that she bought a gun and that she and her son-in-law were arguing morning of the fatal shooting. “I got dressed and he said, ‘you can’t go like that.’ He […]

  • beating

    Facebook video of vicious school bus beating prompts investigation

    LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — School authorities in Lincolnshire, Illinois, are investigating a school bus beating that was uploaded to social media this week. Police say the attacker and the person taking the video planned the assault ahead of time and then posted it to Facebook. The video starts off showing a 15-year-old girl outside the bus Monday afternoon at Stevenson High School, according to WGN-TV. When the victim gets on  the bus and walks to the back, a 16-year-old throws water in […]

  • caretaker

    Disturbing video: Caretaker attacks elderly patient for feeding dog ‘human food,’ police say

    HOUSTON — Police released graphic home surveillance video of a Texas caretaker viciously abusing an elderly patient. The video shows the caretaker, identified by police as Brenda Floyd, berating and striking the victim in the living room of her Houston home, according to KIAH. Police said the video was taken around 8 p.m. on New Year’s Day at the patient’s house in the 800 block of Oak Valley Drive. Floyd can be seen waking the woman, who lets out a terrified-sounding yelp, before smacking her […]

  • dog-1

    Man finds solace in return of beloved dog after crash that killed his wife

    LEHI, Utah — After a car crash took the life of his young wife, a devastated Utah man who thought he also lost his beloved canine pal in the accident received some happy news. On the night of January 12, Chris Olsen and his wife went to the store and brought their dog Monte along. But everything for the Lehi couple changed in an instant when they lost control of the truck after hitting a patch of black ice. “It spun around […]

  • A powerful winter storm drenched San Diego and prompting the Pacific Beach boardwalk to flood. (Credit: Anne Spencer Coy)

    Pacific Beach boardwalk turns into river of murky water

    People heading to the Pacific Beach coast to watch a sunset Saturday were stunned to see a river flowing in the boardwalk.

  • Mammoth Mountain

    Mammoth Mountain boasts deepest snow base in North America

    Snow continued to fall Wednesday on Mammoth Mountain for the eighth straight day of the storm cycle making it the deepest base of snow in North America, according to the Mammoth Mountain snow report.

  • Amanda Willis (WINK reporter)

    ‘It was insane’: Maid of honor turns Florida wedding into nightmare

    CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — It was supposed to be the best day of their life. Instead, their maid of honor got arrested and is facing several charges from a wedding day gone wrong. The Charlotte County ceremony has been described as beautiful, but when the reception kicked off, guests said the maid of honor Amanda Willis hit the bottle hard — and almost hit the best man with his own car. The wedding pictures tell the story of a content couple Brian […]

  • doctor

    Why so many people hate Obamacare

    WASHINGTON – Just saying the word Obamacare prompts many Americans to roll their eyes, mutter curses or launch into a tirade. President Obama signed the polarizing health care reform law nearly seven years ago. Designed to make health insurance more affordable and universal, Obamacare has attracted both enthusiastic supporters who say it saved their lives and saved them money and passionate opponents who decry the hefty premiums and the mandate that requires nearly all Americans get health insurance. Related: Obamacare […]

  • mlk

    Civil rights group plans San Diego march for MLK Day

    SAN DIEGO – A group of civil rights advocates announced Wednesday that they will hold a march in downtown San Diego on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to push for issues such as civil rights, police reform and helping the homeless. At a news conference to announce the march, the Rev. Shane Harris of the National Action Network’s San Diego chapter said the election of Donald Trump as president and his subsequent cabinet appointments were “a blow” to civil rights. […]