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My alarm goes off at 2 a.m. every weekday morning to co-anchor the FOX 5 Morning news from 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. Many people look at me with shock and surprise when they hear how early I wake up. Yes, it’s early, its dark and you are still sleeping. But it’s worth it. I work with the most amazing people. Raoul makes me laugh all morning and Chrissy is one of my dearest friends. Not to mention all the wonderful people who make up our team.

I graduated from California State University Fullerton with B.A. in both Communications and Political Science. Not wanting to move from California I decided to attend law school. I held the title of Miss Orange County USA at that time and while competing for Miss California USA my life changed. I won an award from the producers of KTTV FOX 11 in Los Angeles for Journalism. The award gave me the chance to tour the studios in Los Angeles and get advice on how to start a career in broadcasting. That one day turned into an internship which turned into a job as a news assistant for GOOD DAY LA. I left law school and did not look back.

My first on air job was for Good Morning Southeast Texas at the ABC affiliate in Beaumont. I then moved back home to southern California and have been here since. Over the past 12 years I worked as a video journalist for Voice of America, and a reporter/ host for City View Channel 35. Before coming to FOX 5 I anchored DAYBREAK OC, a 2 hour live morning show. I am now living my dream co-anchoring the FOX 5 Morning News.

When the lights go off, I am back home with my amazing husband Bruce, our two boys and daughter. Life has changed since we had our babies and I love every minute of it. I spend my free time cooking, belly dancing and hanging with my family (known as the Persian Posse). Oh yes — and catching up on sleep.

I’m known around the newsroom for… being Kraft services. Always cooking and feeding the morning team.

If I wasn’t in TV news, I would… be a teacher. When I was a little girl I would gather all the little kiddos and teach. Even though it’s not my profession today I still look for opportunities to guide and mentor. I am lucky enough to coordinate the intern program here at FOX 5 and get to teach every day!

On my days off, I can be found… rolling somewhere with the Persian Posse as Raoul and Chrissy say. My large family and friends are always getting together to eat, play music or visit some exciting place.

My most memorable TV moment… oh maybe the little moment when Raoul tricked me into licking an IPAD. Payback is coming Mr. Martinez.

My guilty pleasure is… A glass of wine and chocolate.

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