Josh Board is a member of the San Diego Film Critics Society and has been reviewing movies since 1990.

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  • Baby Driver

    This is one of those movies that critics are all going to be completely wrong on. It’s an Edgar Wright film, and we all adore him. It’s got an amazing soundtrack, and cool actors. So the critics just think it’s the hippest thing since Pulp Fiction or Trainspotting. The problem is…this movie wants to be like those pictures, but it’s a mess. It might be the most disappointing movie of the year for me. That’s because I love British director […]

  • 47 Meters Down

    Everyone always says how great it must be to review movies and see everything that comes out. Well, sometimes I have a day like I did yesterday. One friend invited me to a party. Another called asking if I wanted to use his extra ticket to see Def Leppard and Tesla. Another group of friends invited me to see the Dalai Lama. What was I doing? I went to the Reading Town Square theatre to watch the latest shark movie […]

  • Beatriz at Dinner

    On Father’s Day, as the wife and I headed over to the Angelika Film Center, she mentioned something as we pulled into the parking lot. “I’m guessing you might be the only father in here watching this today.” Surprisingly, it was a big crowd with lots of men. One father was explaining a scene to his three daughters in the lobby afterwards. I would’ve loved to have stuck around to hear how he explains the weak ending. That 3rd act […]

  • We can be Heroes, just for one day — an interview with The Hero director Brett Haley

    Writer/director Brett Haley got rave reviews for his movie I’ll See You in my Dreams (Blythe Danner, Rhea Perlman, June Squibb), and he’s getting great reviews for his latest — The Hero. I emailed him some questions about the second movie he’s done with Sam Elliott, the first lead role I can recall Elliott having. Josh Board: Sam Elliott is the perfect choice for this role. Could this movie have been made with anybody else? Brett Haley: You are correct. […]

  • All Eyez on Me

    As I sat down to write my review, I thought about how much time I should devote to stuff that I felt the movie made up. Just as the N.W.A. movie Straight Outta Compton did…we’re lead to believe that every cop that comes up to Tupac Shakur is to call him “N****r” just for jaywalking, before punches to the stomach. Or a cop that says, “Get back in your car, n****r” as he is making an arrest (Tupac then pulls […]

  • The Book of Henry

    I was looking forward to this movie for a number of reasons. First, Jacob Tremblay. He was so great in Room a few years ago, and after talking to him and his parents at the Critics’ Choice awards the year he won — I was anxious to see his next film. Second, being at a luncheon during CinemaCon and hearing Naomi Watts talk about it. Third (and this isn’t a spoiler alert, as it’s shown in the commercials), I love […]

  • Rough Night

    I watch at least five movies a week, and as I was walking into the screening for this at a local theatre, the security guard said, “Rough Night?” Now, having just come from the racquetball courts and having messed up hair, I started to explain my unkempt look, before realizing that he was referring to the name of the movie. It sounds odd, but a lot of times you go into the movie not knowing what it is you’re seeing. […]

  • Band Aid

    This movie reminded me of the time I bought my first White Stripes CD, which was their second record — De Stijl. I had seen this husband and wife duo in concert and they blew me away. They had romance, and angst. The songs included “Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me?”, “Let’s Build a Home,” and “You’re Pretty Good Looking (for a girl).” These songs/themes remind me of the couple in this movie. Ben (Adam Pally) has floppy dark […]

  • The Hero

    A number of movies have come out over the last few years where an older actor I love has a starring role. Michael Keaton (playing an older actor) in Birdman, Sally Field in My Name is Doris and Lily Tomlin in Grandma come to mind. Grandma was my favorite of the bunch and Sam Elliott had a nice little role in it. So it’s great that Brett Haley, who wrote/directed Elliott in I’ll See You In My Dreams (Blythe Danner), […]