Josh Board is a member of the San Diego Film Critics Society and has been reviewing movies since 1990.

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  • Darkest Hour

    Since I felt the movie Dunkirk was flawed, and this movie deals a lot with Dunkirk (and is also flawed)….perhaps someone can combine those two stories and make the perfect film. This is Oscar bait, that will get Gary Oldman an Oscar nomination, if not a win. Hey…if Daniel Day Lewis can win playing Lincoln, and we don’t even know what Lincoln sounded like, certainly Oldman deserves the award here. This is a guy who’s played Vlad the Impaler, as well as the equally scary Sid […]

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    There’s good news and bad news about Episode VIII. The bad news is that it’s not as good as the last two Star Wars films. The good news is that it’s better than those prequels. Yet at 2 1/2 hours long, at least the fan boys camping outside the theaters will feel they got their money’s worth. Writer/director Rian Johnson (he gave us the terrific indie film Brick, and that average sci-fi film Looper) did an okay job with this, […]

  • Just Getting Started

    This movie didn’t screen for the critics. That’s never a good sign. The commercials for it looked awful. Another bad sign. Yet it’s starring two Oscar winners (Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones), that have never been in a movie together. It was written and directed by Ron Shelton, who won an Oscar for Bull Durham. He’s done some of the funniest sports movies — White Men Can’t Jump, Tin Cup, and the one nobody ever remembers — Best of Times […]

  • The Top 10 — Best and Worst Movies of 2017

    One of the things that always worries me about writing Top 10 lists is that…I hate filling it with movies people have never heard of. Yet most critics end up doing that. We don’t generally have a list with garbage like The Fast and the Furious (though for some reason, those last few films got good reviews from many critics). At least this year, half of my list will be pictures people that aren’t cinephiles have heard of or seen. […]

  • Wonder Wheel

    In many of my Roman Polanski and Woody Allen reviews, I mention the problems people have with these guys. I decided this time with Allen, I wouldn’t mention the fact that he married his step-daughter, a girl he had known since she was 10. Then I noticed a lot of other critics bringing up Allen in their reviews, simply because he said it was “sad” what happened to Harvey Weinstein. Again, I’m not going to go into all that, but […]

  • The Disaster Artist

    The elephant in the room (no pun intended) will be addressed first — do you have to see the movie The Room, which this film is based on, before watching this? No, you don’t. I never saw The Room, just as I never saw Plan 9 from Outer Space before I saw Ed Wood. As long as you realize it’s a movie about the filmmakers who made these awful pictures, you’re all good. Now, the “fans” of The Room will […]

  • The Shape of Water

    I feel about Guillermo del Toro, the way I do Quentin Tarantino. They’re both so fun to listen to in interviews, because of their enthusiasm about making movies. I was lucky enough to even sit in at a luncheon where del Toro was speaking at during CinemaCon a few years ago. Both writer/directors shoot films beautifully, and sprinkle theirs with lots of moments from other movies they love. In this movie, you’ll get Amelia meets the Creature from the Black […]

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    It’s going to be hard to write this review. The first 45 minutes of this film I loved. The rest of the movie was frustrating. It has a few interesting scenes, but mostly crap. It has people talking the way they wouldn’t talk. It has people acting in ways they wouldn’t act. It’s the same problem I had with writer/director Martin McDonagh’s other two movies (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths). I’m starting to think McDonagh should just stick to being a […]

  • The Man Who Invented Christmas

    Two real life things kind of cracked me up when it came to this movie. When there’s a mention of Charles Dickens novel “David Copperfield” I thought about President Bush grabbing women’s behinds during photo shoots. And when a perfectly cast Christopher Plummer shows up, playing Scrooge…I couldn’t resist but lean into my wife and say, “I bet Kevin Spacey has dreams where Plummer is Scrooge, too.” For those that don’t know, Plummer is taking over the part Spacey had […]