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Woman held down, robbed during apartment break-in

SAN DIEGO — A woman in her 60s was held down and robbed by two men who broke into her apartment early Monday morning in the Redwood Village neighborhood, police said.

The victim called police a little before 2:10 a.m. to report the invasion, San Diego police officer Dino Delimitros said. The robbery happened in the 5800 block of Ascot Street, a short dead-end road lined with apartment buildings off 58th Street just south of University Avenue.

“They broke in possibly through a bathroom window, held her down and took items,” Delimitros said, adding the victim was not injured but was taken to a hospital for examination as a precaution.

Video from the scene shows a ladder leaned against the house under a torn bathroom-window screen. Delimitros said he did not know what items the suspects stole, but witnesses said the intruders took money from the woman’s wallet and escaped out the front door.

“She had a hard time describing the suspects,” Delimitros said. “They were wearing dark clothing, possibly hoodies.”

Detectives responded to the scene and were investigating the robbery as officers searched for the robbers.