High winds topple local artist’s metal sculptures

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AGUANGA, Calif. – A local artist’s metal sculptures were toppled by high winds in Wednesday’s powerful storm.

Just off Highway 79 in the city of Aguanga in Riverside County, about 30 minutes north of Temecula, lie acres of artist Ricardo Breceda’s unusual but captivating sculptures. The attraction draws tourists from across the country.

But after the recent storm, dozens of his crafted metal art pieces were ruined.

Breceda said the whipping wind was so forceful that he had to get in his truck as his art – some pieces weighing a couple thousand pounds -- fell to the ground and broke apart.

"Everything in slow motion, like a domino effect, everything down," Breceda said.

In May, FOX 5 featured Breceda along with his Borrego Springs sculptures that dot the desert landscape. His passion for creating art led him to expand north to Aguanga.

Breceda and a couple employees spent hours Thursday starting to repair the sculptures that can be saved. Some pieces may need to be entirely remade. He expects repairs to take about a month and cost around $20,000.

Through it all, Breceda has kept a positive attitude.

"At least I'm OK, everybody's OK, nobody was hurt and that counts a lot for me. The rest is work," Breceda said.