Missouri woman shaves boy’s head, writes ‘pervert’ on forehead

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EUREKA, MO  — A mother is accused of shaving a young neighbor’s head and writing on his forehead, Eureka police said.

Police said the woman’s 9-year-old daughter was spending the night with the boy’s sister in the Legend Terrace Apartment Complex. The boy went into the room where the girls were and pulled the neighbor girl’s hair. When she sat up, the boy told police he accidentally hit her in the chest.

When she went home, she told her mother she was touched inappropriately, police said.

“The day the 9-year-old boy went to the neighbor’s house looking for his sister and the mother of the young girl who was upset with the young boy pulled him into the apartment, shaved his head,” sayid Lt. Dave Wilson.

Police also said the 34-year-old woman wrote the word “pervert” with a felt tip pen on the boy’s forehead. Now, that mother could face assault charges on a minor.

“She just distinctively went into beast mode, you know? She should have got the other kids parents involved,” said Bill Constantin.

The case is heading to the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office.

“She certainly admitted to the accusations and obviously regrets her decision,” said Lt. Wilson.