Special needs students protest temporary classrooms

ENCINITAS, Calif. -- Emotions ran hot Thursday night as parents and special needs students lashed out at San Dieguito School District board members about conditions a North County high school.

Parents of special needs students say their children have been assigned to a  second class campus and an “afterthought" at Earl Warren Jr. High School. They point to the state-of-the-art facility next door this fall for mainstream middle schoolers.

“Why does the school district think we are undeserving of a real campus,” said James Carlton Walker, a special needs student with plans to attend the program. “They built us two portables for 60 special needs students. There is no way that there is enough room to fit all the students there.”

Parents say their questions about the perceived inequality of the facilities have gone unanswered by school officials for 6 months, and now with only a month and a half left before the new school year, there is very little time to fix any of the real problems.

The board voted 2-2 on a motion to call an emergency meeting to discuss the issue in greater detail, so no action was taken. When FOX 5 asked for an interview with Superintendent Eric Dill, but he suddenly became ill, left his office and skipped the board meeting.

Parents of special needs students have vowed to continue the pressure for what they believe is equality for their students.